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Procedure for obtaining driving license in Saudi

Expatriates planning to work in Saudi Arabia will find it convenient to have a driving license. Public transport in the kingdom is not that well developed, and if you are with your family, I would strongly advise you to have a car, as mentioned earlier .

Having a driving license is an absolute must, before you drive a car in the kingdom. Note that this is also used as an authentic proof of identity while entering some of the compounds and it has the added benefit of validity in other GCC countries. Let me now brief you about the latest procedure to have a driving license.

It is not necessary for you to go to a driving school to obtain a license, but I would strongly urge you to do so, even if you know driving. The chances of you being failed if you bypass the school, is quite high, going by experiences of several expatriates .

The first step is to fill in the application form (usually the driving school or your sponsor will have this), affix the required photographs, take an introduction letter from your sponsor in Arabic and submit it to the police. The police would verify your application and give their approval for the next step.

Now, you will have to take this form to any of the hospitals and get your blood test and eye test done. Remember that without the police approval mentioned above, the hospital would not do these tests, so do not bypass any of the procedures mentioned here .

Once you complete your medical tests, you will have to submit the same to the police once again, who will then give approval for you to proceed to the driving school. Take this approved form to the driving school, pay SR435 along with your iqama copy and register your name. You are now officially a student of the driving school .

From the date of registration with the school, you will have to give the driving test within 6 months. It is up to you whether you attend the classes every day or every other day, but most expatriates would like to complete this procedure quickly, and so do it at a stretch of about 10-15 days.
When you feel comfortable driving the car, you will have to tell your driving instructor of the same. He will make you undergo a short test and if convinced, he would sign on a form and ask you to proceed to the real test the following day.

Now, you will have to just give your driving test. It is mainly reverse parking, which is tested. You will have to drive your car in reverse and park it within a rectangular box marked on the ground. If all the four tires of your car are within the box and if you have followed all the rules (wearing seat belts, giving appropriate indications, locking the hand brake, etc), then you are through with the first part of the driving test.
The next part is the computer test. There are 20 multiple choice questions which you will have to answer. If you answer even one of the first 10 questions wrong, then you are disqualified and the computer will lock, not allowing you to answer the remaining questions. If you have answered the first ten questions correctly, you will have to answer atleast 5 out of the remaining 10 questions correctly. If you have answered these, the results would be announced immediately and the file would be given to you.

Take this file, go to either Riyad Bank or Al Rajhi Bank - unfortunately, you have a choice of only any of these two banks at the moment and pay SR400 (thanks to reader Joe for the update). Attach the receipt along with your file and submit it to the police through your sponsor. You should be getting your driving license within a week <:-P


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot...


shabi said...

also please include the procedure, if a person having valid indian driving licence,

as per my experience,the procedure is some more siimplified.



Expatguru said...


Thanks for your comments. What you say was valid, say about 10 years back, when having an international driving license meant that you could skip the first stage of the test. In those days, there was no computer test and one had to simply do the reverse parking.

However, the rules have recently been changed and now one has to give the computer test also. As mentioned in my post, what matters is that you have to pay money to the driving school and undergo the process, irrespective of whether you already have a license or whether you know driving. This would avoid unnecessary harrassment and trouble.

Anonymous said...


I would like to know that, I am physically handicapped with my left leg.

Some friends told me that I can get the Driving License for automatic cars because it does not need to operate from left leg. Only with right leg I can run the car.

I am bit confused whether to apply for driving license or not


Expatguru said...


I am not sure of this. I suggest you may enquire with any of the Driving School about this. Sorry, I could not be of help, but I do not want to give wrong information in my blog.

George said...

Great blog, many thanks.

I possess both a valid UAE driving licence and a valid Bahrain driving licence. Do these help me avoid the usual procedures for a KSA licence?

Thanks for your advice.

Expatguru said...


The chances of your getting a Saudi license gets easier if you go through a driving school, irrespective of whether you have another GCC license or not. The bottomline is that you have to pay! Of course, you can also give the test directly bypassing the school but then the failure rate is quite high. Thankfully, unlike in the UAE, getting a license in Saudi is not at all difficult. The only advantage of having a GCC license is that you can get a Saudi driving license very quickly, just a few days after registering yourself in the school, i.e., you can cutshort the period where you actually have to take the training.

Once you get the license, you will soon realize how to "defend" yourself in the road from moron drivers, as it is not quite the same as in the UAE or Bahrain :D

George said...

Thanks Guru,

Fortunately(?), I lived in Riyadh in the very early nineties, so I know how exceptional the local driving talent is. They even visited Bahrain, where I lived last year, to impress us all.


Anonymous said...


i am an indian on a visit visa and my sponsor is willing to give me a car I have a valid UAE Internatonal driving license, pls hello me know if i can drive and if i need any documents for drving.

Expatguru said...


You can drive in the kingdom up to 3 months with your international driving license. For a permanent license, you must have an iqama, and hence it is not possible for you to take one while you are on a visit visa.

Yuvaraj said...

Hi expat guru,

Congrats! You are doing a great job.

I am a banking professional, presently at Salem will be moving to Al-Khobar shortly, in few months. I have a query on the driving licence.

Will an international driving permit (IDP) is valid in Saudi? If so, How long? Should it be necessarily issued by the Govt (Govt of Tamil Nadu in my case) or an IDP issued by acredited Automobile Association will do?

Thanking you in advance.

Yuvaraj S

Expatguru said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments. An international driving license is valid only for 3 months. This has to be issued, in your case, by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Joe said...

I believe the charge has been hiked from 75 to 400 for the license as of July 3rd week.

Expatguru said...
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mubashir said...

Wanted to ask whether you need to attend the school daily for six months. I dont have a driving license and know only 50% of how to drive. Would be a great help if you could let me know the process. How much time it will take...

Expatguru said...


You need not attend the school daily for 6 months. In fact, if you attend even for one day and tell your instructor that you are confident, he will test you first. If your instructor is convinced that you will pass the actual test by the police, then he will assign you a date when you should give the test in front of the police. If you pass the test, you should get your license within a week. The meaning of the 6-month limit is that from the date of registering your name, within 6 months you must give the test.

Amir said...

Hi Expat Guru:

No doubt, your guidance has been extremely helpful to people who do not know much about the rules / procedures of doing things in KSA.

Any how, could you please guide me upto one thing. I have got a UK drivivng license. I have heard it I can convert my UK driving license to KSA one. I am wondering if it is true. If yes, would you mind telling me the process. Moreover, I have also been told that I may have to even surrender my UK driving license in order to convert it to KSA driving license. Could you please guide me up to that as well.


Expatguru said...


Thanks for your comments. I would still advise you to get a Saudi license. You need not surrender your UK license. Note that apart from authorizing you to drive in the kingdom, the Saudi driving license is also widely used as an identity card when you have to enter certain compounds or have to pass through police checkposts (though it is not intended to be used so).

Earlier, the rule was that if you had possesed a western driving license, you need not have to give the test. However, these days you have to give the computer test which wasn't there earlier. In any case, in the UK it is right hand drive whereas here it is left hand drive, so you better take the test, however confident you may be in driving.

Rajarajan said...

Hello Guru,
I am in saudi with my business visa. I got valid UAE and Qatar driver's license. Am I allowed to drive during my stay in saudi with my business visa?
is there any official website avalable to check that?
Thanks for your time and consideration.

Expatguru said...


If you have a valid GCC driving license, you can drive in Saudi Arabia upto 3 months from the date you landed in the kingdom. Beyond that, you must have a Saudi driving license.

Anonymous said...


You are doing a great job.

I understand from the news articles that there is a new traffic law which has come into effect from July 14,2008 whereby the old driving licenses have been made valid automatically for 10 years. Is there any link (in Arabic or English) to a Govt Site which states these details about effective date,status on previous licenses etc ?

As such,could you please guide me on whether a formal renewal is needed given the fact that my Saudi license which was issued in Y2003 for 5 years expired in last week of July,2008.If yes,then any time limit upto which the renewal can be done and the process involved?

Please note that I am an Indian national,who left Saudi Arabia after mid-july,2008 on a final exit visa and am expected to be back shortly on a business visit visa for a longer duration,during which(or prior to the same,if possible through Saudi Embassy in Bahrain) I want the renewal process to be accomplished as stated above.

I am also finding impossible to convert the expired Saudi license to a Bahraini license as it is expired as per the date reflected on the license.Please guide.

Looking forward to your advice.

Thanks and Regards

Expatguru said...


See my reply given to Joe in the same page. The driving license is still valid only for 5 years and the fees is still SR75.

The website of the Saudi Interior Ministry specifically prohibits anyone from giving any hyperlink to their site. Hence, I will not be able to give you the link. Try googling and you will find it easily. Note however, that all the forms are in Arabic.

You have already gone on exit and your Saudi license has expired, so there is no chance of you to get a new Saudi license unless you have a Saudi iqama. The question of "converting" a Saudi license to a Bahraini one does not arise at all. If you are returning on a business visa, better get an international driving license from India which you can use either here or in Bahrain.

Biju , Riyadh said...

Thanks a lot

Biju , Riyadh said...
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Rajarajan said...

Thanks Guru,
You have cleared my doubt.
can you provide me some web page or rule no which makes sure your statement. I need it to show my company to get a vechicle.
Thanks again for your time and understanding.

Expatguru said...


I have told many times in this website that I am not a legal expert. This is my personal blog based on my experiences in the kingdom for over a decade. What I can assure you is that every single detail here has been verified by me personally before being published. So, it is up to you to either take it or leave it and there are no compulsions.

Blogging is my hobby and not my profession, I have my own job. Your statement implies clearly that you do not want to trust me. I do not get paid for what I write here, so I am not obliged to serve your demands, more so when it involves a lack of trust. So, if you want an "official" reply citing the rule number (as you want), you better find it out yourself from any other source.

Abey Abraham George said...

Dear Expatguru,

Thnks for your great blog. i have a doubt: I left saudi arabia on exit visa in march 2008. I hold a driving licence which is valid upto 2011. If I return to saudi soon on a new visa and after getting my new iqama, can I tranfer my existing licence to the new iqama. Or do i need to apply for a new driving licence. All my exit procedings were legal.
plz comment,

Expatguru said...


You can transfer your existing license to your new iqama. But if you give a new test, remember that it will be valid for 5 years and not upto 2011. Hence, make a judicious decision.

Anonymous said...

Thanks and congrates for this wonderful blog service.

You mentioned about transfering driving licence to a new iqama. Would you please explain the procedures to get it done? Can it be done for an expired licence also?


Expatguru said...


Thanks for your comments. Once a license gets expired, it is impossible to transfer it to your new iqama. I will shortly write a detailed post on the procedure for transferring the DL to a new iqama.

Anonymous said...

hello Guru,
As part of my work it is important to get driving license of Saudi. But I don’t know how to drive, is there any driving school in KSA where I can learn how to drive, if so, where is the place and what is their working time. i cannot attent the call during my duty time My working hour is 8.00 am to 5.00 PM

Thanks Gury inadvance

Expatguru said...


I don't even know which city in the kingdom you are presently in. Almost all major cities have driving schools which work usually upto 5.30 pm on all days except Fridays. Find out from your colleagues or friends. You say that it is required as part of your work. Then your employer should have no reason to object to release you for a few hours daily to go to driving school.

Anonymous said...

Dear Expatguru,

I recently got driving license without any test and other fomalities. Driving license is look like same as iqama i compare my driving license to other i can't find any difference. But i am really afraid to buy a car with this license, still idon't know whether it is original or duplicate.

Please let me know how i can check the status of my dl. I need your kind advice which would enable me to proceed further.

Expatguru said...


Not only is this dangerous, it is also a criminal offence for which you could be immediately jailed if caught. Just throw away the fake license which you have. Destroy it before you do that so that no one else can (mis)use it and go through a proper test to take a legal driving license.

Vinay said...

Hi Expatguru,
I currently live in the UK and looking to move to Saudi Arabia in the coming months. I was wondering if it is possible to bring my car in the UK (a right hand drive vehicle) to Saudi? Is it legal to drive a right hand drive vehicle in Saudi and do you see people doing it? Its just that I like my car and its depreciated so much I would have to sell it for so little it makes sense to keep it if I can.

Expatguru said...


Right hand drive vehicles are not allowed in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, you would have to dispose it off in the UK before coming here.

Anonymous said...

Dear Guru,
I came back to saudi on new visa and my old driving license is still valid for 1 years. can i drive vehicle with the old license.can u explain the
procedure for transferring the old DL to a new iqama.and my name in old iqama and driving licence is asif mohammed and on new iqama is mohammed asif (secomnd name came first).i need ur valued advice in this regards,
thanx a lot
asif mohammed

Expatguru said...


I will strongly advise you to take a fresh license on your new iqama. Trying to change your license from the old to the new iqama straight forward, but unfortunately there is also a change in the name which makes your case complicated, so it is better you go in for a new one. In any case, you have only 1 more year to go.

JackB said...

Hello again!

Your blog has been a treasure chest of information for expatriates or soon to be expatriates in KSA. And I want to thank you for doing this!

I have a question regarding driving a car in Riyadh while on a Visit Visa. You answered on one of the comments that you can drive here for 3 months if you have an international driving license and in a visit visa. What if you have extended your visit visa for another 2 or 3 months, could you still drive a car in Riyadh or any part of KSA using the international driving license? If not what are the alternatives for me to drive here?

That's it.. I hope you could give information regarding this.

Thanks again and more power to you!

Expatguru said...


Glad to know that you found my blog helpful.

The 3-month limit is from the day you land in the kingdom. So, even if the visit visa is extended beyond this, you are legally not permitted to drive on an international license.

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

This site has been of immense help to me all the way from contemplating with the idea of moving here as well as convincing myself that its OK to come and work here. Thank you very much for all your efforts.

Today I got my license - my green card to drive in Saudi Arabia. I gave my test from Khobar Driving School.

Its really a pain to go through the formalities. The officials are really rude and they know nothing about service. Do not expect any help form any one either. Your only hope are fellow applicants who had prior experience there. The crew there will treat you like worthless creatures; of course there are always those extremely slim exceptions of one or two. Anyways, the whole joyride will cost you approximately SAR600 in all. Its SAR400 for the new license with 10 year validity.

I came across a blog where a nice gentleman had very clearly and precisely explained the step by step procedures to go about getting this done in Khobar driving school.


All the best to the future prospects.


Expatguru said...


Glad to know that this blog has been of help to you. You made my day!

About courtisies, well what the hell is that? You made the mistake of expecting these things!! A word of caution to new-comers, though. Some of my friends in Jubail ended up getting physically hit in their thighs by the instructor. Also, you have to make sure that you do not have your mobile phone in your shirt pocket. One of the instructors simply takes it out your pocket (while you are in a state of shock) and makes international calls and before you realize, you end up with zero balance in your SIM card!

Thanks for the updated information!

Anonymous said...

Salam Alikum,

Dear Expat Guru;
Actually I have IQAMA from Qatar as well as Saudi now. I bought a car in qatar and want to bring it to Saudi - but I don't want to transfer(export) it and keep it on the qatar number plate.

please tell me if there are implications for this; what should be the right strategy ?

thanks for your guidance.
appreciate your support

Expatguru said...

I do not know the rules in Qatar pertaining to transferring vehicles and hence would not be able to comment on this. As far as bringing the car into Saudi is concerned, it will be considered as an imported item and you will have to pay the required customs duty first. I wonder whether it is really worth all the trouble.

Zayed said...

Dear Sir,
please do look into the below mentioned matter with caution & Inform me A.S.A.P.
I am living in Riyadh with Iqama No. 2245501933 & had my Driving license made from my Al Ahsaa through an Agent. On succesful completion of the Driving & Computer Test, I paid the respective Fee myself on 10th Jan.'09 but due to Compuuter prob the Driving license could not be issued the same day.
Later my agent told me that no fee showing & paid again an amount of SR410/-.
The Date of expiry on my Driving license is 01/10/2018 (Georgian) & 13/01/1440 (Islamic).
Please guide me whether the License issued on 10th Jan.'09 / 13th Muharram 1430 when I paid the fee or on 18th Jan.'09 when my agent says he paid the fee.
Also if there is any procedure to check the authenticity of license through website..???
Your urgent reply on various mentioned matters is highly awaited??
Thanks & Best regards
Syed Zayed
Mob: +966 501459341

Expatguru said...

Syed Zayed,

First of all, I do not understand why you processed your case through an agent. There is no need to do this at all, because the system is very straight forward and simple. Your agent is trying to dupe you by charging you twice. If the system had a problem, your money would be refunded. Does your driving license have a hologram? Your photograph will be embedded (not stuck) to the license. When you lift the license card and see it at an angle, you will be able to see the Saudi Arabian map. If your card does not have any of these, for sure you have been cheated by the agent.

syadhu said...

Dear Guru,
I have expired saudi license(6 years)with my previous sponser name also I have valid Dubai and Oman licenses.....
My question is which way is easier for me to get Saudi license....
try to renewal the expired one or try to transfer one of my GCC license...

Please Advice me..


Expatguru said...


The best way is to take a fresh Saudi driving license. Show your existing Dubai license while applying.

Anonymous said...

Dear Expatguru,

Your help and devotion to this Blog is greatly appreciated :) I am an expat, and I went on saturday, Jan 17th, 2009, for the driving test in Yanbu. Fortunately i passed the physical driving, however, the theory was a mess (especially in ENGLISH, because the translation they provided were incorrect for some of the options).

I was asked the following question:

"Who's priority is it on the round-about" or something similar... and i answered as said on the translation that it is the priority of the driver who is already inside the round-about.

The answer was incorrect, and I FAILED the test. Unfortunately it was the 9th question, and i really feel miserable and infuriated. I had answered all the preceding questions correctly. Later, while surfing the internet, i found the following link:


Pls read the article and refer to the first picture which shows the Image of vehicles entering the round-about and a sign stating the "priority for cars inside the round-about" but in arabic its something different.

Pls help, I have another attempt on Jan 24th, 2009 to pass the test. If i fail again, i will have to pay SR400 again and sit for 10 more classes. I do not have the time and patience for this, since the classes are in arabic, and I do not understand a thing. What is the correct solution??? Your help will be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU...


Expatguru said...


I feel really sorry for you because this was the right answer and it what you were supposed to write in the exam (even though in reality, after getting the license, you would soon realize that 'might is right' should have been the correct answer!) :)

First of all, take it easy. These things happen. To give the examiners a benefit of doubt, do you remember what the other options were? Maybe there was another option which was a more appropriate one than this option? I suggest that you have a small discussion with your instructor on this(take a Saudi friend with you when you meet the instructor - it usually helps). He would be able to guide you on the correct option to be checked. Good luck!

Anonymous said...


thank you for your timely response. On the test, they provide three different options, and i chose the one stated earlier. The other option that i recall was something stating that priority to the cars on the right or something, and i do not recall the third option as it did not relate to the question.

Also, my friend had a question which asked: "If there are no speed limit signs, what speed should you assume?" The options were 50, 70, and Not exceeding 75. He answered 50, and also failed. LOL. Fortunately i did not get that question, but this time i might. What should i select??? I know for a fact that the speed limit for light vehicles is 50 in urban areas, and 120 on the highway (as stated on the booklet they provide). i don't know where they come up with these questions. sheesh.

thank you once again.


Expatguru said...


I guess you should better get these clarified from the instructor. Honestly, these questions are really baffling! Good luck!

Basharat said...


I don't have any specific question but your blog is great and very helpful. Keep up the good work.


Expatguru said...


Thanks. Glad to know that you found it helpful.

syed zayed said...

Dear Expat Guru,
I appreciate the technique shared to check the authenticity of my Driving license which is authentic.
But Sir please do tell me the issue date of my driving license based on the information ahead: The Date of expiry on my Driving license is 01/10/2018 (Georgian) & 13/01/1440 (Islamic).
Please guide me whether the License issued on 10th Jan.'09 / 13th Muharram 1430 when I paid the fee or on 18th Jan.'09 when my agent says he paid the fee.
Thanks & Best regards
Syed Zayed

Expatguru said...

Syed Zayed,

It is 13th Muharram 1430 / 10th January, 2009.

Anonymous said...

dear Expatguru,

Atlast, i passed my second try. My answer was in fact correct. there was something wrong with the Touchscreen PC i used last time. (OR maybe it wasn't a coincidence, it might have been deliberate) anyway, Inshallah i will get my License soon. Thank you very much for the guidance.

FYI:The priority goes to the vehicle which is inside the roundabout.


Expatguru said...


Congratulations! About your comment ("The priority goes to the vehicle which is inside the roundabout"), this is the theory part. Soon you will realize the practical part once you get your license! Wishing you a safe driving!

Zaid said...

dear Sir,

yesterday i called to my kafeel for getting supporting letter for the Driving License, but my kafeel told me that there is no need for any supporting letter for that, as there is new Gov rule anyone who have Computerize Iqama and passport copy he can get the Driving License with any furtehr doc.

Is this Trure.. did you confirm this?

thanks a lot

Expatguru said...


This is the first time I am hearing about it. I do not understand why your sponsor is not willing to give you an introduction letter. Is he one among the blacklisted companies? Give it a try. I am not too sure whether the police would accept it. I would be grateful if you can give your feedback on your experience, for the benefit of other expatriates. To my knowledge, an introduction letter is a must.

Anonymous said...


hello again. I want to thank you once again for this great blog. u don't know how many people are grateful for your assistance. (ok, enough sucking up, LOL)

I wanted to ask you whether it is legal to tint windows in Saudi Arabia. The Sun is really unbearable, and I think the intensity really magnifies through the glass, LOL. I do see a lot of cars these days with tinted windows here in Yanbu, and i've heard it's a growing trend. Also, there are quite a handful of cars whose rear doors and the rear windshield are tinted. Is there any percentage which is allowed? your knowledge on this matter will be appreciated. thank you.


Expatguru said...


Tinting of only the rear window glasses are allowed. You are not allowed to tint any other window glass. If caught, you could land yourself in trouble with the police.

Anonymous said...

Dear Guru,

Can you mention me what are the timings of Driving school in Jeddah (Dallah). My office timings is 9am to 6Pm.

Giju, Jeddah

Expatguru said...


I have no idea about this. It is better you ask about this to any of your friends in Jeddah.

Adnan said...

Hi ExpatGuru!

Great informative blog you got here!

I just wanted to add a couple of pieces of information for your readers.

The fact that a letter from your employer is not needed anymore is accurate. I just applied for a license today and didn't require a letter.

I hold a valid Canadian Driver's license and an IDP as well. I attached a copy of the canadian one along with the authorized translation. Based on that, the man at the window sent me to the initial test site. Upon my turn, I pointed to the driving test taker the fact that I have a Canadian license, and also some scribbled note that the man at the window had jotted down earlier.

I jumped into the vehicle and when my turn came, I took the test. I scored a perfect 2/2 and got an 'A' for the result.

Upon returning to the window man, he stamped a note that said in Arabic - Exempt from Driving test (which I now presume is the computer test you talked about?) and sent me to the cashier. Once I showed him the approved payment of SR400, I got a reciept and was asked to come back tomorrow after 1pm.

The other question I had was regarding the SR 75 vs SR 400 fee difference. I understand that the validity is extended, but I don't comprehend your explanation for that; something to do with the 'istimara'? Could you kindly elaborate?

Oh, and just a comic incident while at it.. When I sat for the eye exam earlier, the test taker was hillarious! I sat down on the seat looking at the exam board behind be through the mirror ahead; ready to do the eye test when I hear a couple of stamps and I turn to see the examiner returning my file all stamped and approved, without the test and just a grin on his face lol!

Expatguru said...


Thanks for your informative feedback. The license fee has been increased from SR75 to SR400, of course with a 10-year validity. This was with effect from somewhere in the middle of 2008.

You were quite lucky, Adnan. Sometimes you encounter absolute morons. For example, in my own case, the guy was in some bad mood. He just put his hand on my neck and physically pushed me down because I couldn't understand what he was saying in Arabic. I have absolutely no doubt that there are some racist idiots over there. I guess your Canadian passport made all the difference. Good luck and happy driving!

Anonymous said...


First of all let me congratulate you on your blog.

Hi was reading on a previous post from you, regarding importing a car, that it is required to pay some customs duty. Do you know how much these duties are?

I live in Dubai and going to Jeddah soon. I bought a car here 6 months ago.

Another question. How safe is to drive from Dubai to Jeddah?

Many thanks!


Expatguru said...


The duty varies on the model and the type of vehicle. Normally expats do not import vehicles due to 2 reasons. a) It is not worth the effort as you could as well buy a new one here with warranty and b) there are a lot of car thefts these days, particularly of fancier models.

The roads within the kingdom, particularly to Jeddah are quite good. However, due to the distance involved, it is extremely tedious and would easily take you atleast 24 hours or more by road.

Adnan said...

Hi Expatguru!

Just wanted to update you on my situation.

So I went back to Dallah in hope of picking up my license today, as I had the reciept that indicated today's date for pickup.

When I arrived at window #20 as stated on the reciept, There was a hoard of licenses sitting against the window; you are to find yours and point it to the officer. After tedious and careful looking, all whilst being pushed and shoved around by others who were doing exactly what I was, I realised I couldn't find my license!

A bit of panic set in and I asked for the attention of the officer behind the window. I explained to him as best as I could, with my reciept in hand, that I could not find my license. He looked at my reciept and asked for my iqama. Using the Iqama number he searched for my file in the drawers, withouth luck. then proceeded to punch the number in the computer.

He then asked for what I was afraid of. You see, 8 years ago, as a teenager, I had gotten a (white) one year driving 'permit'. I had decided not to use it for renewal as the nationality in that permit was different from what I hold now, and I wanted to avoid any potential penalty fee for having an expired license of 8 years. However, that must have showed up against my iqama number in the system.

It was 1.45 and the place closes at 2. Luckily, I knew I still had my old permit at home, so I rushed back home, grabbed it and rushed back at Dallah by 1.58!

The guy at the window was surprised to see me back so soon and even let out a little chuckle. He then looked for my green folder again, and could not find it. At which point he turned to me and told me to go to the other window as my file is probably there. I went to window 11 and told the guy in the best Arabic i could muster, that the other officer has asked me to to tell him to pull my file and attach my permit to it.

He then says if you are applying for a license, as opposed to a permit, you need to go back to the window you came from. So I truded back to window 20 and explained to him. The officer there insisted that I go to window 13 again and explain to them again! By this time I was flustered and told him that this was crap - In whatever Arabic I knew, ofcourse! He told me if I had a problem I should go talk to the Manager.

I proceeded to goto the office I was pointed towards, and after waiting for a few mins while the manager dealt with the others in the room, I asked him if he spoke English. "No English" was his response, to my dismay. As I realised I would have to explain my whole story in Arabic.

So I proceeded to explain my situation - and he commended me for the Arabic I spoke - and when he understood the situation, and saw that my reciept said today's date, he told his assistant to go look for my file and help me.

The assistant told me to meet him back at the window 20, where he was telling the first officer I had spoken to about my situation and seeking clarification. They then discussed and proceeded to look for my file. After 5 mins of searching several drawers, and with a few more officers getting involved, I realised that they could not find my file!! One of them asked me, if I had given the test, to which I confirmed, and then I was asked when I was here last, to which I said yesterday! They kept searching, until one officer decided that they wanted to go home for the day, so proceeded to brush me off and told me to come on Saturday! I wasn't going to take that! I knew if I left now, the file will be lost forever, and the assistant manager may forget my case.

I told them in a very upset tone, that this "tomorrow, God-willing" attitude of the bureaucrats here is dispicable! And just when I was about to loose it, they found my file! They promptly attached my expired driver's permit to the file and assured me that it will be done on saturday. I let out a sigh of relief and thanked them.

As you can see, nothing can be simple in this country, especially when you're not good at communicating in Arabic.

The ordeal doesn't end here.. as I remember now, he put my file on top of the drawers with a select few others, as opposed to in the drawers with the rest of them. I don't know if that's a 'priority stack' or will it just be forgotten :-/

Will know on Saturday!

Expatguru said...


I am not at all surprised by your experience. There is an oriental story about a guy who went to an astrologer to seek salvation for his troubles. The astrologer, after looking at his palm, quitely said "Up to the age of 40, you will have all kinds of trouble in life". "And then?" asked our friend impatiently. "You will get used to it after that" was the reply! The same applies to expats, I guess!

Noble said...

Hi Expatguru,

Thanks a million for this wonderful Blog...you are really doing a great job!!!

I am very new to Riyadh; yet to get my Iqama.I should go for a licence once i get it - may be the first thing I should do.
Though I own an Indian licence,I dont have enough experience in driving cars on the road; I prefer following your advice- going to a driving school.
I hope they dont need the sponsors letter anymore(Adnan's post on 4th Feb)
I would be grateful if you could help me on the following:

Can I just walk in to any policestation near to my accommodation to submit the documents? (I live just behind Le Mall on Exit 6)

Is it possible to complete all the registration formalities in a day?

Do you have any idea about the instrutors in a driving school- Are they all Saudis?? Can we expect some communication problems?

Any info on computer test would be appreciated.


Expatguru said...


You cannot begin the process till you get your iqama. Also, you must submit it only in the traffic police station (Muroor) not in any police station.

Cjay said...

I hold a valid uk Driving Licence and also a UAE one, as I have been working in Abu Dhabi for 3yrs. I am moving to Jeddah in a couple of months. Can you tell me whether I need to go through the Blood & Eye tests, the Phyical Driving test and also the Computer Theory test? I have been driving for a total of 14yrs, 3 of which have been in the UAE. Your help and advice are very much appreciated. Regards


Expatguru said...


If your UK license is still current, then you will be exempt from taking the computer test.

Oh, by the way, all your international driving skills of over 14 years is nothing when compared to the actual driving skills required in Saudi. You will soon realize after arriving in the kingdom that to survive on the road, you need to develop special skills to break every rule in the book!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guru,
I have been here in saudi arabia for four years. My sponsor belongs to Yanbu. I am working here in Al-Khobar. For taking driving licence i collected support letter from sponsor, Yanbu. But present company said that the sponsor letter should be attested by chamber of commerce. Is it necessary?

Expatguru said...


No, it is not required.

Anonymous said...

I have a Saudi Arabian license, and would like to get an international license before I go on holiday, would you maybe know of a good Travel Agency in Jeddah that could do it?

Expatguru said...


I am not sure if any travel agency could do this work.

Anonymous said...

Dear Expatguru
There is enough information here to sink a battleship. The information and assitance you provide is commendable.
I am a resident of Bahrain and will be relocating to Riyadh shortly. I have a Bahrain registered car and a valid Bahraini driving licence. Until my Iqama, etc is obtained, will I be able to drive my car from Bahrain to Riyadh and then within Riyadh? Thank you in advance.

Expatguru said...


Thanks for your comments. You would certainly be able to use your Bahraini license anywhere in the kingdom until you obtain a Saudi license. If you are going to cancel your Bahraini visa, I am not sure whether Bahraini immigration would allow you to cross the causeway using your car.

By the way, as you might have already experienced during Thursdays and Fridays in Bahrain, you would have to unlearn the driving skills you learnt and acquire "special" skills to drive on the roads of Saudi Arabia. To begin with, rule# 1 is "Might is Right"! Got it? :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your fairly quick reply.
No, my Bahrain visa will not be cancelled unless my Iqama has been obtained. From your reply, can I assume that there should be no restrictions on driving a Bahrain registered vehicle in Saudi Arabia?
And later, once I obtain my iqama, after completing the necessary export requirements with the traffic authorities in Bahrain, will I be able to register my car, pay import duty if applicable, etc without having to drive out of and back into Saudi Arabia?

Expatguru said...


I am not familiar with Bahraini immigration rules, whether they would stamp your final exit visa without surrendering your car (that kind of a rule is there in Saudi). As far as Saudi entry is concerned, as long as you have a Bahraini visa, you can go in or out of the kingdom without hassles. Once your Bahraini visa is cancelled, you can always pay the import duty in Saudi Arabia and bring it inside (provided of course, that Bahraini rules allow export of the car - please check for this in your side).

Lallo said...

Hi Expat Guru,
I am an Indian, I have a valid USA driving licence, will I be exempt from driving test?

Expatguru said...


Unfortunately no, Lallo. It is your passport which matters (illogical, but this is the reality). You will definitely have to undergo the driving test.

pullolickel said...

Dear Expatguru,
I have lost my driving license which was taken in feb 2008.
Pl. Advise the best way to solve the problem.

Thanks and regards

Expatguru said...


I am not sure of this procedure. Maybe it is better you contact a nearby driving school who would be able to guide you accurately on this.

Ali said...

I went back to India on exit and after 18 months i came back to saudi arabia. In the meanwhile my driving license got expired. So now i had new sponsor ie., new iqama, please give me information whether i can renew my driving license and transfer to new iqama. I dont want to give test again for driving license. please give me procedure and how many riyals i have to pay. Waiting for ur reply. Thanks.

Expatguru said...


Read this:


Pat said...


I have just arrived in Jeddah on a 3-year contract. I have a UK passport and full licence. My employer, a very large company, is having trouble sorting work visas, so I, and many others, are on visitor visas for an unknown time. This means no iqama or car buying or Saudi licence until it is sorted out, which may take more than 3 months. I will be visiting Europe regularly. Will the 3-month period during which I can drive a hired car on my Uk licence re-start each time I enter KSA?

Expatguru said...


If your visit visa is going to be extended beyond 3 months, then you can no longer drive using your British license. But if you go and return on a fresh visa, you can still drive. Make sure to keep your British license valid.

Anonymous said...

Can I exchange my UAE driving License to the Saudi driving License

Expatguru said...

No, you will have to give a test and pass it to get a Saudi license. You can, however, drive for upto 3 months after arrival in the kingdom, using your UAE license.

Anonymous said...

dear guru

how shall i thank u for the immense knowledge u have given me. its a wonderful blog and an opportunity for every1 to have a gud knowledge about saudi driving system.well i am shoaib frm india and i have 3 quetions to ask u..

1st is that i have a valid indian driving licence and if i apply and get Int driving licence can i drive in saudi arabia..m askin coz many of my frndz said that its waste to get and int driving licence in KSA..

my 2nd question is that suppose if a maroor stops me and asks for licence and then i show him the Int Driving Licence. then how shall i prove him that my 3 months of stay has not lapsed and hence my licence is valid..(since an IDL is valid for only 3 months in KSA frm the date of arrival) so how will he understand that from an IDL.??

and my last and final question is that will all the maroors understand what an IDL is?? i mean they have the habit to bug an expat to the hell.. so do u think will the IDL work here??

plz reply to my above 3 queries.. i wud b delighted to get ur answer..
thanx :)

Expatguru said...


If you do not have an international license currently, I would suggest you just come here and take a regular Saudi license instead of wasting your money. If you already have an international license, you must definitely carry a copy of your passport with the stamp of your sponsor whenever you step out of the house. In any case, without an iqama you cannot get a Saudi driving license.

Anonymous said...

dear expatguru..

shoaib here once again.. now i have another query.. i have a valid indian driving licence.. so as u said instead of wasting money on an IDL can i use my indian licence dre is KSA?? i heard i need to get a translation of the Indian licence and get that attested.. and dat its valid for 3 months after arrival into the kingdom.. wud like to remind u that i have the iqama.. so what wud u suggest me??
seeking ur reply soon..

Expatguru said...


Just give the test and get a regular Saudi license. Don't even bother to get your Indian DL translated - it's just a waste of money.

Anonymous said...

Its really nice to see all your good work. I am a student a dependant on my father and have come to Saudi Arabia for My vacations and hold valid Iqama and Indian Driving License what do you suggest i do?Shall i get it translated or go in for a new one?And by the experiences of our friends on this blog i feel getting a license is nothing short of a miracle, further do i need an introduction from my dad's sponsors, I am her only for 15 days will i be able to make it?

Thanks in Advance


Expatguru said...


You need an "international" driving license to drive here. This too, is valid only for the first 3 months after your arrival here. It is virtually impossible to get a fresh Saudi license within 15 days.

Maroof A.Rauf said...

i live in pakistan partially but have iqama too.last december, i applied for saudi licence with all valid doccuments in green file, including approved translation and all tests and the officers in dallah approved my file and affixed stamped of 'khosoosi istabdal'.
but, somehow now i realized that i have made a mistake because after that i went for driving test and got failed!
wat i think now is that i shud have applied blindly for a license then instead of taking a test!
do u agree?

Anonymous said...

I wanted to update u on the OLD SAUDI LICENSE TRANSFER.
I just got it done today.
I had gone on exit 3 months back.
My license was valid. My friend in Dammam just filled a form and 400 riyals and he immidiately got the license , similarly my friend in riyad in the other dallah sulai and the other one they got it in the same way as well, I wnt to old dallah takhasusi first they said i will need to give a test and all that crap so i went to the other dallah filled the form and attached the iqama passport and old license but he looked at my file and said i need to go to old dallah, so next day(today) i went at 7:30,
1)filled the form form a guy in the boofia
2) took the file to building no.2 and went for the eye test guy he stamped
3) then the license check window where he put another stamp and ask me to get the test done
4)then there is a initial test to see if u know driving or not its opp to the main test area a guy with a car just asks u to move it ahead 20 meters and then reverse park, if u do it right he will put 3 crosses on the stamp
5) then u need to make the payment of 400 riyalas though bank i didnt had riyadh bank so i had to pay teh saudi guy 500 for the 400 riyal payment.
6) after that i went inside building no 1 and took a token number and wiatied i was told that i need to go to window no. 11 for transfer and cancel teh old one then i went there he took my old license attached it to teh file and fille din some data and took a printout and attached it with the file. then again i had to taker the token for the main window and wait for my turn then my number came and i submitted the applictaion and got the license in 10 mins

Note: if u have a old valid saudi license u can get it transfered to ur new iqaama by giving just a simple test(its easy) extra and only in riyadh old dallah
rest in dammam khobar, riyadh other dallas u need not give any test.

Hope this is helpful for people

All the best
Mansoor Ali Baig

Expatguru said...


Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Dear fellow-expats,

While I appreciate the gesture of Mr. Mansoor, please be cautioned that those are his experiences. As a policy, I give only "official" and "legal" information in my blog and while readers are most welcome to give their experiences which I would gladly publish, please note that utmost caution has to be taken before resorting to such informal methods, lest you be on the wrong side of the law.

Alwin said...

Hi All,
Thanks for nice blog.
I am getting training in Jubail Drving school.We are getting very bad treatment from the instructor.He shouts for no fault of ours.Anybody has similar experience ?

Expatguru said...


There is an Egyptian instructor who is notorious for such behaviour in the Jubail driving school. If he shouts, do not respond. Afterall, once you get your license you will never see him again in your life. However, if he hits you, hit him back. One of my friends was hit on his thigh by this guy and he gave him back one shot with a stern warning. Also, NEVER ever carry your mobile phone in your shirt pocket. This guy is well-known for using your mobile and talking to people at your cost! Keep it in silent mode in your pant pocket. These are all occupational hazards, you should learn how to deal with such lunatics!

Alwin said...

Thanks ExpatGuru for the tips.
Got to live with it till I get the license.

Expatguru said...

I have received the following email from one of the readers. I am yet to verify it, but in good faith, I am publishing the same, though I do not take any responsibility whatsoever.

GCC Licence is Transferable in Saudi Arabia.

I had my Dubai licence which was valid till Feb. 2010. On 22nd Dec.2009 Tuesday, i went to Traffic police in Jubail and they told me NO TEST and that if I surrender my Dubai Licence i will be given a Saudi Licence, which i did and got a saudi licence valid untill 2019.

Documents reuired for applying for a Saudi drving licence.

1) Iqama copy.
2) Passport copy.
3) Sponsor NOC letter for Driving Licence with Chamber of Commerce attestation (Cost SR 25.00).
4) Indian driving licence copy.
5) Driving licence application (in arabic) with stamp of hospital with blood group (Cost SR 50.00).
6) AL Rajhi bank payment slip for Driving licence (SR 400.00)

Kindly contact myself for any further free assistance or doubts at fazal9@yahoo.com


ryusebastian said...

Hi expatguru, I find your blogspot very informative. I failed 2x in the computerized test but passed on the physical test. I paid 150 riyals for the next test and 2 days seminar (sighhh...) I just want to know if incase I fail again how much would it be? and how many days will be the seminar?

also, same as MAK I failed on the same question twice... the English translation really sucked and had difficulty understanding...

thank you very much for the information..

Best regards,

Expatguru said...


If you fail in the second attempt, then each time you pay the fees, it is considered as a fresh application, i.e., you are allowed two attempts each time you pay the fees.

ryusebastian said...

thank you very much for the prompt reply expatguru.. your help is really much appreciated... I just want to know if you could give me some tips and pointers on how to pass this test? my next test is next week after my 2 day seminar (Jan 9-10, 2010)..

thank you very much and your blog is really a great help for us expats...

may Allah / God bless you and your family...

warm regards,

Anonymous said...

Hello Expatguru,
Very informative and needles to say helpful blog. Moreover I enjoyed reading some of your comments.
best regards

Expatguru said...


Before you start the engine, make sure to wear the seat belt. Never ever raise the speed more than 20 km/hour. Never switch on the ac and keep the windows wide open, never mind the heat/cold outside. Make sure that you give the right indication lights. Most important of all, once you have finished the reverse parking, make sure to operate the hand break and do not release your seat belt or get down from the car unless the policeman has actually inspected you in this position. Good luck!

ryusebastian said...

good day expatguru.. alhamduhnilla I PASSED!! thank you very much for the help and support... the computer test was really crazy... I only had 5 traffic and road signs and it fired up almost all theory questions... I will get my license on Saturday because they had a system failure so the releasing is on saturday morning...

really a big THANK YOU to you for all the support.....

may Allah / God bless you and provide you good health...

Best regards,


Kazi Mohammad Ekram said...

Alhamdulillah I just passed the exam on 16th February 2010. The procedure is changed little bit. Check out my blog for more information about obtaining driving license in jeddah http://www.blog.ekram.info/obtaining-driving-license-ksa-jeddah/

Expatguru said...


Thanks for the update.

leo said...


Great job on the blog, tremendous help for all.
I am Indian living in Khobar. I want to get a motorcycle license here. I have a valid car license and also have a valid motorcycle license from Dubai and India.
Id like to know the procedure for obtaining a license here and if my Dubai license can be on any help.

Appreciate the help,



Expatguru said...


Please fill in your query using the form through the link in the top right corner of this blog. I charge a nominal fee for this, which helps me segregate spam from genuine requests while at the same time giving you a detailed personalized and confidential reply.

Bashir said...

I feel getting a driving license in Saudi Arabia is very easy compared to even india.If you have an Indian Driving License do the following

1.Get your Indian License Translated in Arabic ( you can find the translators around the driving school)
2. Get your blood tested for Group
3. Show your Indian license at the counter. you will be asked to get it checked from the Instructor at the driving school. he usually signs without even bothering to read it
4. now deposit 100 SAR as fee towards the driving school.( In case you do not have the Indian License you will have to pay 450 SAR and take classes for a week)
you will have to attend the Driving class next day at the appointed time. in the class they usually talk about the Traffic signs.you will also be given chart.Be attentive as the instructor will definitly tell you what important signs you can expect in the test.
5. YOu will have the test next day. Fist the traffic sign test. wait for your turn.once you enter the computer room be calm.go to the terminal alloted to you. you will get questions on the terminal It has a touch screen.first 10 questions are compulsory. you have to get every one of the first 10 questions right.if you are wrong even on one question, you fail.once you complete 10 questions successfully then all you have to do is answer 5 of the remaining 10 questions correctly. once this is done, you pass the first hurdle.
6. Now you have to wait for the driving test.on your turn 5 candidates would be put in a car by the instructor and asked to drive one by one. Be calm and remember... Fasten Seat Belt, Release the Hand Brake,put the car in first Gear and go smoothly. change the gears slowly and confidently.use indicators wherever necessary.Once the instructor asks you to stop, show the right indicator and move on the right lane and stop. DONT STOP INFRONT OF THE GATE OF ANY HOUSE. once you stop bring the gears to neutral, use hand brake and parking indicators.release the seat belt and get down.
7. Now you have to wait again at the driving school to know if you passed.If you pass you will receive your file and now you have to go back to the main license office again.Take another token and wait for your turn.on your turn all you have to do is pay SAR 450 and get your license.

The procedure takes Three Days

Expatguru said...


Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

Hey Expatguru,

I got a U.S driving permit and license. How do get that converted to a saudi one and where do I go to get that done?


Expatguru said...


Fill in the link in the top right corner of this blog for a personalized reply. I charge a nominal fee for this.

Anonymous said...

dear bro, just fyi, not only al-rajhi and riyadh bank, but several banks in ksa are now allowing their clients to pay the govt services related payments online....hence, pls update your blog regarding diriving licence..than..shafeek, jeddah

Expatguru said...


Thanks for the information. The original posts was written in 2008, so obviously things have changed since then.

Anonymous said...

Tips for those who will take the actual and computerized exam for driving:

1. It is highly recommended that you take schooling even if you are a professional driver already for they will teach you the techniques and some tips in taking the exam.

2. For the actual driving test you will use a toyota camry which is a little bit wider than usual cars. There will be 3 types
2.a. Bridge (If you are going to a bridge, before you reach the middle of it, a.) stop the car b.) use the handbrake and put the gear to neutral c.) Put the gear to 1 or primary then check the RPM(revolution per minute) should be 1-2/100-200/1000-2000 only,then release the handbreak. note ( if there is a car in the bridge, wait until it goes before coming up).
2.b. Number 8, There are guide when entering the number 8, the orange traffic cone, you must not touch it. note (in the middle of the number 8 stop the car, check if there is somebody to the another circle and let him pass first before you go, if it is your turn drive until you reach where you enter but before going out you should stop and check if there are cars coming in.)
2.c. Letter X parking , this is the hardest part, but there are too much traffic cones for your guide a.) you will enter from the lower right side of the X and go until the top left of X, but before you reach the top left of the X there is a traffic cone in the middle and the driver should align to it. b.) notice that there will be another 2 traffic cone in both sides, when you chang your gear to reverse, the front wheel of the camry should be aligned to the traffic cones from the side, then stop, then make a full turn and your car will be able to go to the top right of the X. c.) before you stop make sure that you are align again going to the lower left of the X.
Take note that you should fasten your seatbelt, use your signal lights when going to left or right, and check for the traffic signs inside the driving area, when you are told to stop, park your car to the correct side or area then use the hazard light, put you car in the neutral and wait for the instruction of the exxaminer before removing your seatbelt.

3. For the actual computer exam, here are the tips for the first 10 of the questions in random
Signs for the following:
* Prohibition of stopping and parking
* Prohibition of stopping
* STOP sign
* NO Entry Sign
* Forbidden for trucks more than 3.5m
* Overtaking prohibited
* Overtaking allowed
* Red light (STOP)
* Yellow Light (BE READY TO STOP)
* Green lIght (GO)
* Who is priority in a roundabout ans. the one inside the roundabout

* Maximum speed for cars in Highway (120 kms)
* Maximum speed for bus and trucks in highway (80kms)
* Maximum violation points for your licensed (18 pts. encoded from pc) (actual pts 24)
* Violation for drunk driving or drug intoxication (18 pts. encoded from pc) (actual pts 24)
* Violation for Irresponsible driving such as overlapping, fast speed ( 18 pts.)
* Beating the red light Violation points (12 pts)

Take note that changes may vary anytime, these are just pointers for you, you should practice driving first, before taking the actual exam, and study the road signs and violations.

Expatguru said...


Thanks for your update and useful tips.

Anonymous said...

Dear Expatguru,

I am in the process to go and live in the province of Jazan in about 6 weeks. I have a G1 Ontario driving license (Learner's permit). And I plan to get my G2(Probationary license) in 4 weeks. Then it will take me 1 year to get the full license. I am not a arabic speaker at all. And Jazan looks like an 'under-construction area'.

Please could you tell me :

- If a G1 or a G2 is accepted as driving license in KSA.

- Do the authorities know about the difference between all these license. How do they make the check?

- If I have to go through a school driving...do they accept non arabic speaker ?

Thanks for your help

Expatguru said...


Please fill in your query in the form using the link in the top right corner of this blog. I charge a nominal fee for my consultancy, which would get you a detailed, personalized reply by email.

Anonymous said...

Hi... i am living in UK and i have full UK driving license.. i will be soon moving to Dammam for business purpose.. so can i drive a car in Saudi Arabia on my UK driving licnese, or is it possible i can transfer my Uk license to Saudi License?

Expatguru said...


Please fill in your query in the form using the link in the top right corner of this blog. I charge a nominal fee for my consultancy, which would get you a detailed, personalized reply by email.

Anonymous said...

It helps if you have a driving license from USA or any European country, and if you have the right skin color you will get a license without even a test. The uniformed incharge of the test centre will personally fillup your form and hand over your license to you within a couple of hours while you enjoy a cup of coffee in the comfort of his office.

keralarain said...

Dear sir,
Thanks for your wonderfull blog.
My name Salim.Indian.12 years ago I have a Car here in Saudi. I sold that car 12 years before a Indian guy and signed paper for remove from my name. But he did not change that. I dont know where is him.

I went to india re entry two years ago. And not return back. Now I am come again a new visa. I am already in Saudi now with a new visa. I went to 2 days before Licencing athority for transfer my old licence to new Iqama Number. But the police officer said there is a issue in my old licence. it impossible to change.
I can apply for a new licence with my new iqama ?. If I do there is any problem?.. Please give me advice. May god bless you.

Expatguru said...


Please fill in your query in the form using the link in the top right corner of this blog. I charge a nominal fee for my consultancy, which would get you a detailed, personalized reply by email.

Anonymous said...

Thanks expatguru for your wonderfull blog.

I am Qusai 20 , from dammam, Can a child living with his father on a family visa in saudi arabia get a driving license??

Expatguru said...


Please fill in your query in the form using the link in the top right corner of this blog. I charge a nominal fee for my consultancy, which would get you a detailed, personalized reply by email.

Anonymous said...

Dear Expat Guru,
Its great to see that there are people like you who are keen on helping people.
I am actually a 17yr old who just made his drivers permit(Called tasreeh in arabic) from the dallah school in jeddah. I would like to tell people over here that the popular misconception the drivers license can only be made in manual and over 18 years of age is compulsary in saudi arabia is wrong.
You can apply either for an automatic or manual. Its ur wish. If u apply for an automatic it will be written on your license and regarding the age you should be 17 by the arabic (hijri) calendar. The drving test is quite very easy specially if you are taking automatic gear.
thanks and i hope i was of some help

Anonymous said...

I was working in Jubail. Now i came back in Jeddah on ne visa
i want to ask if my previous driving license will be valid or I will have to change sponsorname.
What will be the procedure

jithinlal said...

I would like to know that, whether I can apply for saudi driving licence if I do not have a local driving licence

Expatguru said...


Please fill in your query in the form using the link in the top right corner of this blog. I charge a nominal fee for my consultancy, which would get you a detailed, personalized reply by email.

Micper said...

Just see what is hapenning here, copycats....


Expatguru said...


Thanks for pointing it out. But I have now got used to such copycats. What else can I do? I can't go and physically hold them by their collar, isn't it? Anyway, readers of this blog know very well the difference between original and duplicate, so I just ignore such plagiarism and move on.

Ashwin said...

Whether we have any chance of getting international driving license in Saudi Arabia????

Expatguru said...


Sure, why not?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing the path for people who are unaware how to obtain driving license in saudi arabia.

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Anonymous said...

How much do i have to pay/expenses if i want to get a licence for heavy truck or like a bus?

Thank You.

Faisal Zulfiqaar said...

It is a very useful blog that I found accidently while I was frustrated regarding my two failure in theory test. I failed second time and I was told in Arabic to attend madrasah sabaah the next day...probably morning school. I cannot attend school the enxt day as I am really busy at work and CANNOT get a leave that day but people at school have no time (and skills) to listen to a non-Arabic person. They just want to push you away from their desk. Now I am frustrated what is my destiny? Also how many times I can take theory test without invalidating my driving test that I have passed, most probably because the instructor was busy on mobile phone. I have been driving for about 20 years but I hate to go for another driving test. Expatriatguru, can you advise me on this?

Anonymous said...

I have a Bahrain Registered Car that is over 5 years old and I want to sell it to an Expat with Iqama living in Saudi that does not have a Bahraini CPR. Is this possible? can he register his name on the car (in Bahrain) using his Saudi Iqama? are their any agencies that can do this paperwork for me?

Many thanks and I look forward to your response

Arun Kumar said...

Dear Expatguru,

I'm from India I studied in England and got my UK full clean driving license. I have came here recently to KSA for my job is it possible for me to get my Saudi driving license without taking a test as I heard from people that I just have to submit the necessary docs and my UK driving to get my new Saudi license and that too if so do I need to surrender my UK driving license to get my new Saudi license here? Please help me.


Expatguru said...


Please fill in your query in the form using the link in the top right corner of this blog. I charge a nominal fee for my consultancy, which would get you a detailed, personalized and confidential reply by email.