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Death case formalities for expats in Saudi

I really wish that no one ever needs to use the information given in this particular post. Despite my initial hesitation, I thought I might as well write about it, because no other blog seems to have covered this subject. Also, lack of information in times of crisis is more dangerous than the crisis itself. Thanks to Ravi from Riyadh, who requested me to write about this subject. It took me a lot of time and effort to gather the information given here, but at the end of the day, I hope it is of help to some of my fellow expatriates in Saudi Arabia.

Expatriates working in Saudi Arabia should know that in case of death of a non-Muslim, the body cannot be disposed off in the kingdom and has to be sent back to the home country. In case of Muslims, there is a choice whether to bury the body in the kingdom or in the home country. The procedure for both are given below:

The following procedure must be followed for both Muslims as well as non-Muslims, in case of death of an expatriate in Saudi Arabia. Whether the demise is natural or otherwise, the first thing to be done is intimation to the Police, to the nearest kin and to the Embassy of the deceased person's home country. The next of the kin or legal heirs in the home country must now do the following:

First, a fax must be addressed to either the sponsor or any close friend of the deceased stating that they have no objection to the body being buried (note: this is applicable only for Muslims) or that the body has to be transported back to the home country. This fax must authorize the sponsor or the friend of the deceased to take charge of the body and complete the remaining formalities in the kingdom. I would like to mention here, that as per Saudi Labor Law, the sponsor is supposed to bear all expenses for transportation of the body to the home country or for burial in the kingdom, so please be aware of this.

For transporting the body to the home country, the legal heirs of the deceased must submit an affidavit to the nearest office of the Airlines in the nearest international / domestic airport saying that they would collect the mortal remains of the deceased without any delay, as soon as the same arrives in the cargo terminal. A copy of this affidavit must be faxed to the sponsor, cargo agent and to the Embassy of the deceased. Note that without this important fax, the cargo agency will not accept to transport the body.

The rest of the formalities have to be done by the sponsor or the person authorized by the legal heirs of the deceased, (for the sake of clarity, let's call this person as "Authorized Person" in this post) and are as follows:

The hospital will issue a Death Intimation Report based on which the police would issue a Police Report. The personal belongings of the deceased will be listed and handed over to the Authorized Person, in front of a witness.

The Authorized Person must now contact the embassy of the deceased with all required documents and obtain a No Objection Certificate for either burying locally or for transporting the body to the home country. In case of burial, the mortuary, after receipt of the NOC, will issue a Burial Permission Certificate to the local cemetry. In case of transportation to the home country, Police clearance has to be first obtained for embalming the body. This clearance, along with the NOC must be submitted to the mortuary along with the required fees (SR2093 for embalming and around SR800 for the coffin).The hospital authorities would guide the Authorized Person on this.

Next, the Authorized Person must submit the iqama of the deceased to the Passport Department cancelling the same and for stamping exit visa in the passport of the deceased. All these documents must be handed over to the cargo agent, in case of transportation of the body to the home country.

To summarize, the following documents are required:

1. Copies of Iqama and passport of the deceased.

2. Medical report from the hospital with English translation

3. Copy of Power of Attorney from the legal heir with Arabic translation (signed and attested by Notary Public)

4. Police Report copy (only for unnatural deaths)

5. A letter from the sponsor regarding dues of the deceased.


Anonymous said...

Dear Expat guru, Justonly i am seeing your blog , really the information provided by you is really worth it , i have came to know from your blogs that you have been receiving so much of mails regarding to the queries and you are very much busy in answering that , in between if you can help me with my problem it will be very much helpful for me , i have recently resigned from my employeer , i am an engineer who came on engineers visa, my contract was mentioned for a period of one year , actually only thing i have got is job offer which is having three sentences, 1. accomodation and medical provided by so and so company. 2. FREE ROUND AIRLINES TRIP TICKET AFTER COMPLETION OF ONE YEAR CONTRACT. 3. Other things as per saudi labor law. but the employeer saying my contract is for a period of two years since according to there embassy rule , but i said i am leaving due to my own personal reasons , they said they accept my resignation and not my contract termination, finally when they are about to close my account they said they will be given exit visa once i write a letter saying that i wont be coming back to saudi arabia for a period of two year , i have some plans to come back in saudi arabia since there is no need of NOC nowadays , my iqaama is already with them and the iqaama ending period is this july 21st , i dnt have any papers except one photostat copy of iqaama and something written in arabic by the government relation officer. Kindly Kindly advise me what next to do ? , should i have to go to labor court , if i went over there whether i will be getting justice? or if i sign the paper is it possible for me to come back to saudi arabia without completing this two years? . what happens if i stay after finishing my iqaama , kindly reply , expecting your advise in this

Expatguru said...


Ooh! Your question was almost as big as a post in my blog! If you are an Indian national, you do not need an NOC. If you are from some other country, please check with the Saudi Embassy in your country as I do not know whether the rule has been implemented or not.

Regarding your coming back, make sure you go on exit, not on exit/reentry. Dont fight with your sponsor or go to the labor court, as it will only complicate things. Just say that you are not coming back for 2 years and get your exit visa stamped by him. You are then free to return to the kingdom for employment. Don't worry, Saudi labor law is very clear about this, so there is absolutely nothing which your current employer can do if you return to work with some one else. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Dear Expatguru,
Our deep appreciation on all your write ups which is really helping a lot to all expats.I needed your opinion on one thing: My family is in India on an exit/re- entry visa.If I resign, do they need to come here to complete the formalities or it is not required?What happens if I want to come back in Saudi after 2-3 months under a new sponser?Will my family get the residential visa even though her passport was not stamped as exit refereing to the above?

Expatguru said...


Thanks for your comments. When you resign, you must also cancel the visas of your family. It is not necessary for them to be physically present for this. The exit visa is applicable for you, not for your family because anyway you will be cancelling their visas before your departure. There should be no problem in bringing your family after you return to work with your new employer (provided your new iqama profession allows you)

Ashley said...

Hi Expatguru! I'm back again (after a long ordeal) for the update on final exit procedure as promised. Right. So, to exit the country for the final time, two items are needed. First of course is one's passport stamped with the duration one has to exit, which in my case (and presumably others) is two months. Second is the release letter from one's working place. I worked in a university and thus my release letter contains the signatures of the head of department, dean and vice dean of the university. I'm flying off in three days' time! Wish me luck at the airport! :D

Thanks and take care!

Expatguru said...
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Expatguru said...


Thanks for the update! Glad to know that you are finally through with all the procedures and all set to fly. Do keep in touch with this blog wherever you are, and here's wishing you all the best for your future :-h

reena said...

You really have an information which is really worth for everyone, I have a problem I need your help in that , I have lost my passport and my daughters passport in india Me and my daughter came on india for vaccation, the passport have lost from travel agents office, My husband is at saudi right now, what we have to do now/? I can get passport on tatkal scheme but about visa ? what i have to do next ,

Expatguru said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. If your passports were issued in Riyadh, then please see this link

I am not aware of the procedure for passports issued in India. Please contact the Regional Passport Officer near your hometown for more details on this.

Anonymous said...

Dear Expatguru,

Great website!

May I ask a question on a separate topic, as follows.

What are the penalties for overstaying visit visa in Saudi Arabia? I have heard a rumour that as of December 2007, a new law requires deportation of the sponsor (if he is an expatriate) along with the overstayer. Can you please confirm whether this is correct? Is there an English verion available of the law that deals with overstayers?


Expatguru said...


As per the new law, overstayers of visit visa have to pay SR10000 along with deportation of the person who sponsored the visitor.

Anonymous said...

Dear Expat Guru,
Thanks a million for your comments on the final exit for family.Just a small clarfification:How do I cancel their visa?Do I need to submit the xerox copy of their visa while applying for my exit visa when they are not physically present?Can you kindly elaborate on the process.Am I right to assume that there should not be any complication when they come back with a new visa later on.Shall appreciate for your response as I shall be shortly resigning and I am bit confused.

Expatguru said...


Glad to have been of help to you. You just have to submit the photocopy of your family visa while applying for your exit visa. The procedure is the same and automatic, because if you are yourself not going to be in the kingdom, your family cannot be here. So, first your family visa will be cancelled followed by yours. There should be aboslutely no problem when they come back on a new visa later. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Dear Guru ji,
What is black list in saudi? do employeers can put employee in black list as a punishment so that the employee wont be able to come back?

Expatguru said...

Employees have no right to blacklist anyone. If an employee has cheated an employer, then the latter can only complain to the government, but by himself he cannot blacklist anyone. The decision to allow or refuse entry into the kingdom is the right of the Saudi Government, not any individual.

showkat said...

First of all i would like to thank you on behalf of all my friends who got benefiited from this blog and today i have one query regarding the visa agents available in Riyadh.Actually i have completed my contract period of 2 years with my company and due to low salary package i want to quit from this company and my company is willing to give me exit as there is no provision for release in our company.By profession iam an agriculture engineer and i am looking for a similar visa from any reputated company so that before leaving Riyadh i shuold purchase visa and can return withn short time from india.So i request yourself to provide me any information where from i can get visa as my duty schedule doesnt allow me to move out of office untill 04:00pm.

Looking for your favourable advice.

Thanks & Regards

Expatguru said...


The first step is to have a well-prepared resume. Once this is ready, you have to register your name and resume with any of the reputed recruitment agencies. For instance, see the advertisement of on top of this blog. There are several such agencies who specialize in hiring and it is impossible to list all of them. Try out a Google search and you will easily find their websites.

Good luck for your future!

Anonymous said...


I am so glad to find such blog! For there are a lot of questions I have to ask.

Situation Background:
My husband existed from saudi arabia for his vacation. However, during his vacation his wife got very sick and the doctor advised him not to leave her alone and it might get really very serious. And time of recovery is really unidentified. In which the only thing he has to do is to resign from his employer for 8 years, situation was transpired to his employer. He also have a debt of 10,000 riyals from his boss.

1. Could the employee resign from his employer through email or courier, with the supporting documents such as medical cetificate and abstract from her wife status. and in which the main reason why he will be resigning?
2. Is it possible that his debt shall be paid in full through bank deposit to his boss personal account or courier?
3. Will his resignation through email or courier shall be valid and honored by his employer?
4. Could the employer black list him from entrering saudi arabia in any case he could already go back to work again?
5. Does the employee really have to travel and go back to saudi arabia to submit his resignation personaly, given the situation of his wife?
6. If he resigned through email or courier? is the company have the right not to issue a certificate of end of contract or resignation of the employee, given the fact the the debt shall be paid?
7. If he resigned from his employer through email or courier will his last pay (iquama or imdemnity) will not be released to the employee?
8. If the employee is not a college degree holder working in saudi arabia (riyadh) will he be not allowed to invite his wife to saudi arabia for visit, or apply for family status?
9. Lastly, if he resigned through email or courier and paid his debt properly, is it true that with his move of resignation shall affect the filipino's working with the employer at saudi arabia?

Im so sorry for this long inquiries. I just need some enlightment regarding this matter.

Thank you!

Expatguru said...


Thanks for visiting this blog. You needn't feel sorry for your long list of queries, because this blog is meant precisely to answer those and be of some help to fellow expatriates.

I would like to mention at the outset that there is no such thing as a rule or regulation when it comes to such issues. It all depends solely on your employer. If yours is a private company, it becomes a lot more easier, but if you are in a Government organization, you probably would have to come back to the kingdom and settle everything.

I would suggest that you first have a telephonic conversation with your employer and explain him the situation. Also, make it a point to repay your debt immediately. This is the correct way, both ethically and legally. Once you are clear of all debts, it creates goodwill and the rest of the things can be easily sorted out, because this proves that you are honest. So, immediate repayment of your debt is the key. Once this is done, you can always negotiate with your employer to cancel your visa and also give a letter in Arabic that you are clear of all your dues and that he has no objection to your working elsewhere in the kingdom.

Regarding Question # 8, it depends on the profession in your iqama. Please read about visit visa formalities mentioned elsewhere in this blog. Good luck!

Joanna said...

Hello! Thank you for the time you put into your blog; what a great resource. I'm not sure if you are still answering questions from the general public, but if so, I am trying to learn more about death-related matters -- specifically, whether assets, such as a bank account or other personalty, held in Saudi Arabia by an American citizen working in SA can be distributed in accorandance with the terms set forth in a will written under U.S. law. Even if this question is beyond the scope of your blog, any other sources of information to which you can point me would be extremely helpful. Thank you!

Expatguru said...


Thanks for your comments. I now charge a nominal fee for giving personalized replies to queries. This is to segregate spam from geuine queries and also to put a value for my time involved. If you are interested, please fill in the query form given in the top right hand side of this blog for a customied reply.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend and I are currently finishing up a teaching job in Korean and have been talking about doing some time in Saudi Arabia. We have looked into bringing our dog into the country and have the proper paperwork. We have read that people can bring their families with them for teaching jobs but we were wondering if the schools have any restrictions or rules about pets. Our dog is an 11 pound Miniature Dachshund and will be a little over two years old by then. We have read we will have to declare it as either a hunting or guard dog, technically they are hunting dogs.

Expatguru said...


Please fill in your query using the link in the top right corner of this blog. I charge a nominal fee for my consultancy, which would give you a detailed personalized reply.

Anonymous said...

hi sir, thanks for the information you have been shared to us expatriates.
i have question and hoping your kind reply:
my husband , converted to islam with a first christian family died in saudi arabia and as i was claiming his body and allowing him to be burried there in saudi, his christian family opposed and want his body to be sent back to were we belong and be burried in christian cemetery. i really want to know if i have the right to claim his body as a moslem wife and bury him in moslem cemetery following the islamic law. please help me.

Expatguru said...


First of all my deep condolences on your husband's passing away. It is quite traumatic to lose one's loved ones but even more when subjected to such problems.

What is important here is your husband's faith at the time of his demise. Since he was a Muslim, he has to be buried as per Islamic law. Even if his body is transported back home, he has to be buried in a Muslim cemetry in the home country, because this was his religion at the time of his death.

What a pity that human beings fight over religion even after a loved one's death.

Anonymous said...

i am an expatriate who ws brn here. My father was on a working visa here and sadly he passed away few days back. I have my education going on here and it is a crucial time for me. Is there any possible way through any possible family relation or any other means that me and my family could be allowed to stay here in the kingdom?

Expatguru said...


First of all, my heartfelt condolences to you. It is really painful when you lose your father and even more painful when it hurts your education. If you were under your father's sponsorship, unfortunately it is impossible for you to continue any further and you would have to leave on final exit very soon. How soon totally depends on your father's sponsor, but generally it will not be for more than 3 months after your dad's passing away. Sadly, it is impossible for you to remain in the kingdom under any one else's sponsorship. I suggest that you meet your father's sponsor and ask him to allow you and your family to be in the kingdom until the end of your academic year in order not to disrupt your education mid-way. Don't worry, God will always show you one way or the other. When one channel closes, there will be ten others which will open. All the best for your future!

Ali said...

Hello Brother, I am from Pakistan, my father was working in Makkah in Al Fakkie company but sadly he was died during job in last year. He is the only one who support my family and we are now facing hard situation here. When my father died my uncle was there he did all there bury related work and we gave them NOC, after that they said company will give you some financial support and also issue you a visa for me to work on his place, and they also mentioned my father do not have insurance they have but its only reimburse if your father died accidently? Still there is nothing in our hand will you please us to provide me some valuable information to get my father dues from companies if any???????

Expatguru said...


I feel so sorry for your situation and I fully understand what you are undergoing. The only way to get some kind of relief from your father's company is to request the sponsor directly to help you. Please email / phone him and explain your situation. You cannot force him to give you any kind of help, you can only request him. I wish you good luck.

Anonymous said...

my father has been working there for years and we suddenly found out he passed on new years day 2013 but i need to tranport him to lebanon as he is a christain and we also would like closure. there is a problem his sponsor will not give us his passport. we have tried but now she doesnt even answer my calls what can i do its been almost 2weeks and we havent even got close to any kind of relife can some1 help ploease

Expatguru said...


My deepest condolences to you on this very sad development. May Almighty give you the strength to bear this loss.

It is really unfortunate that the sponsor is avoiding you. As per Saudi labor law, it is the responsibility of the sponsor to transport the body of the deceased employee back to the home country. All the costs involved, including embalming, is on the sponsor. You need not have to pay a single penny for this. Please immediately contact your embassy and get help. Do not waste your time contacting your sponsor because if he was ready to help you, he would have done so by now. All the best.

syed said...

My father expired in Jeddah and is buried there.We need to claim the amount from SABB bank.Please guide how to approach them.We have tried but not clear about the procedure.We are from India.Appriciate your reply.Thnx

Expatguru said...

Very sorry to hear this.

Please contact your father's sponsor. If he was working in some company, then contact the HR department. They will do all the formalities. If there is no response then contact the Indian Embassy in Riyadh.

Anonymous said...

Hello there, thank you for this very useful post. I live in Riyadh on my husbands iqama with our baby. In the case of death what is the procedure for myself and the baby how long do we have before we have to pack our bags.

Expatguru said...
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Anonymous said...

hello sir thanks for your information above. as my wife's brother died in Saudi Arabia 6 weeks ago we have done all the paper work and everything you mentioned above. but no progress been made all the organisations involved saying same thing that they are trying and waiting for police clearance but after so long time they have not got the police clearace??? indian embassy is not doing anything... parents are so worried they want to see their son last time.. if you can help me with anything or if you can provide me any detail of anyone who can help to speed up the process I will be very thankful... my email is

Expatguru said...


My deepest condolences to you and your wife.

Please go through my post once more carefully and make sure that you have carried out each and every single item of the formalities listed. If you have done all of the above (please recheck and get it confirmed), then please call 00-966-11-488 4032 or 00-966-11-4816348 / 4884144 Ext.109. These are the helpline numbers of Indian embassy in Riyadh. Keep all details ready when you talk to them. Do not call them on Fridays and Saturdays.

Explain to them the whole issue. They are quite helpful and it is not that they are not doing anything. Please talk to them with all details. If there is some formality to be completed by your brother-in-law's sponsor, please request the embassy's help. They will take it up locally. May God give your family the strength to bear this loss in these difficult times.

Anonymous said...

Hi Expatguru
My father has been expired on 12-1-2014 in saudi arabia. He was working on a comapny called East & west express Dammam. I want to know whetheer an employee can take loan on service money which he suppose to get at the end of his job and also is there will be insurance after death of an employee

Expatguru said...


My deepest condolences to you. It is not possible for an employee to take a loan on his End of Service Benefits. There is definitely insurance money in the event of an employee's death, provided he has been covered under such a policy. For example, if the death was during work or due to work reasons, there is surely compensation. But for natural death, the employee has to have a policy in place for his kin to get compensation.

Anonymous said...

hi! I have a friend who's husband recently died in the kingdom last april 27. Wife is still here in the Kingdom. Please let us know how to go about the processes in case of family status. Thanks!

Expatguru said...


So sorry to hear this. I have already described in detail in my post above. In case of any specific doubt, let me know. Your friend should move all paperwork through her late husband's sponsor.

Anonymous said...

my husband died last August. He was diagnosed to have metastasis/cancer in liver in Riyadh but was advised to go home in the Philippines for further treatment. He was granted a vacation leave for 3 months. only one month passed and he expired.
Can i still claim for benefits from his employer/from saudi government?

Expatguru said...


My deepest condolences on your husband's passing away.

Since he came only on leave, he was still under employment until his passing away. Please get in touch with his sponsor for his End of Service Benefits. May God be with you in these difficult times. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi! How can I claim the savings from my husband's bank account at Riyadh? He died here in the Philippines while on vacation though he still under employment. Is it thru SPA for a friend who will process the closing of his account? or is it thru his employer? I haven't received any from his employer. please help. thank you very much.

Expatguru said...


So sorry to hear about your loss. Please contact the Philipines embassy in Riyadh who will help you out.

knowve john said...


Good day, without further introduction I would like to express personally concerning your unwavering and kind Professional effort and support on providing a deep real understanding of someones concerns (Expat like me). As far as i know and base or upon reading your Excellent write ups, responses to the concerned individuals - I know to my self you are the best person who can i approach with regarding on my queries.

Sir i will go directly with my personal intention in contacting you. I'm in the Bad shape situation concerning on credit cards and i am planning to talk with the bank personnels with the situation for the easy and pyments plan to somewhat i can strt in repayingthe amount i used. in regards withis matter i am seeking to someone who can share and give such importtant knowledge before i will notify the bank. I mean can you tell me what would be the possible options because i am just first timer on this problem im facing.

Hoping for your kind response on this matter.

Thank you and best regards,

Expatguru said...

Hi John,

Please fill in your query in the form using the link in the top right corner of this blog. I charge a nominal fee for my consultancy, which would get you a detailed, personalized and confidential reply by email.

Ameer Hamza said...

Dear Expatguru

i am from pakistan .please give me answer a question.that if a person death in sudia arabia by any accident or failing heart .can legal heirs of decease person having right any claim any fees or anything from company in which decease person working .if yes what wel be procedure in this regard.and how many amount can received from company to legal heirs .if No why? please give me ansewer immediately.or my e mail i shall wait your answer ..

Expatguru said...

Ameer Hamza,

Please read what I have written above and folow those details.

Annette Posthumus said...

Dear Exparguru
Please can you help regarding the following.
My son in law, daughter and son are in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. My Son in law worked there for nearly 5 years.
On the 16th of April he passed away due to a heart attack.
The necessary documention have been received and authorization given for tphis body to be returned to his home country, South Africa.
However he had mo ey in a Saudi bank and must also still receive his end of service benifits.
My daughter is having endless problems getting this mo ey, not from the company(they are keen to pay out) but the bank
The bank in South Africa has forwarded a letter to confirm that my daughter is the sole beneficiary of the estate, this with her passport and marriage certificate have been given to the bank.
She is still in Saudi. We are desperate to get them back home. She is afraid that should she leave Saudi she will loose all the monies due as it is wuite a large amount.
We have contacted the Emabssy in Riyart and they say we must speak to the Embassy in SA and visa versa. Do you perhaps know who can be contacted that can help us urgently
Many thanks

Expatguru said...


My heartfelt condolences to you. It is very tragic to lose one's near and dear but even more tragic when you are made to run around like this in trying times.

Please follow the steps I have outlined in my post above. As long as your son in law's sponsor is ready to help, test assured that it is only a matter of procedure. Simply follow all the steps I have mentioned in my above article. May God give you the strength to bear this loss.

mc140201281 Awais Ahmad said...

Dear Expatguru
yesterday I receive a news about death of my uncle who was in dammam jail and died due to a serious deases. how can i got correct information that the news is true or false and if news is true then what is the procedure to got the dead body in Pakistan.The person who was died have no iqama because when he was enter into ksa .he was caught by police of Airport in saudia arabia
please tell me the above asked questions

Expatguru said...


My heartfelt condolences to you. Immediately contact the Pakistani embassy in Riyadh. Give them details of your uncle's passport, etc. They will guide you and will help in transporting the body back to Pakistan.

Alice Acebuche said...

Dear expatguru,
thanks for providing answers to all the queries of ofw. My husband dies in an accident in his work in d kingdom last Feb 2015, body was return home after 5 agonizing mnths, works for MODA for abt 14 yrs, do u happen to know how long will it take for his family to get all the benefits that we deseve
, because until now the Philippine embassy haven't send me a single cent and I am very desperate since he was our bread winner and I have a health condition as well. Thanks and God bless

Expatguru said...


So sorry to hear this sad news. My deepest condolences to you.

As per Saudi law, a deceased expat's body can be sent home only after obtaining all required clearances. I am not surprised that it took 5 months, but am rather surprised that you did not receive a single cent as benefits.

It is the sponsor's responsibility to settle all dues. Please immediately get in touch with your husband's sponsor. Since it was a work-related accident, by default he must have been covered by insurance. Please first contact the sponsor to get your benefits. Also, provide complete details (like his iqama/resident card photocopy, passport copy, etc.) to the Philippines embassy in Riyadh. They are supposed to help you out. I can understand the trauma you are undergoing, but do have patience. The benefits might get delayed, but would certainly come. For the moment, immediately contact the sponsor as well as your embassy.

Alice Acebuche said...

Dear expatguru,
Actually the MODA have done their part,, it is the Philippine embassy that is taking so long in doing their job, company submitted partial cheque for verification purpose last July 28, 2015 with d promise of depositing in my bank acnt within 3 wks but nothing yet, tried to follow up but no luck everytime I called the embassy. What else can I do.I'm running out of resources.

saki said...

Dear Expat guru -
My father and mother are on visit visa, my father passed away 3 days ago and we completed the burial process in saudi arabia today.
I want to know what are the further formalities to complete. I believe i need to make his visa as final exit. I am not aware of what all documents are needed and where all i need to go.

kindly guide me through the correct process.

Expatguru said...


Extremely sorry to know about your loss. May God give you the strength to bear this.

Please obtain a copy of the death certificate from the hospital. If it is in Arabic, get it translated in English and attested by your embassy. Please contact your embassy for further help.

E.L.A.C. said...

Hello expatguru..i just delivered a premature baby and unfortunately my child didnt make it. My husband and I wanted to bring our child in the Philippines. What are the steps we need to do? The hospital gave us a death announcement and they are very helpful.

Expatguru said...


So sorry for what you are going through. Don't despair, there is always a second chance and once you get another baby, all this pain would be a thing of the past. Please go through the steps outlined in this post and contact your embassy who would guide you through the process.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I have read through all comments and you and answered thme all wonderfully.

My cousin sadly passed away on Monday 31st October whilst at work, he got electrocuted and died in the ambulance. My family are doing all they can for the body to be released and sent to Pakistan, because he was the only earner for his family, would his family get some sort of compensation? he worked for binladen company.

many thanks

Poven Abbas said...

I am writing this email to seek your kind support in getting Justice against fraudulent activities transpired against me and my infant son. My name is Poven Abbas Shah Widow of Qaiser Abbas S/O khan Talib Hussain (Passport number: HM1015341). The sad demise of my husband has recently took placed in Yanbu Al-Nakhal (Saudi Arabia) on 17th March, 2016. Deceased record can be obtained through
(File No: DC/655/ 2016, Dated: 21/03/2016) in Welfare section consulate general of Pakistan Jeddah.

I have consulted Overseas Pakistani Foundation (OPF), and submitted the same application in hard copy with all the requisite formalities and documents attached under application submission number (3015/16/571), which will dispatch to your department, that take some time to get into your hand. But mean while I need your immediate assistance to halt the possible fraudulence activities emerged against me.

I request to look into my genuine appeal &help me in:

1. The Insurance Funds and Blood Money of my late husband, that should not be given to others (as their brothers are trying to get these through my forged signatures/thumb impression) . We (me and my son) are the only heirs of all his funds , insurance , property if there, under Islamic law .

2. My husband was running a restaurant business in partnership with his brother having equal shares. (Sandu-Tashat services) in Yanbu AL Nahl .I came to know that my brother in law is trying to sell it covertly. So my request is that, Either the sale should be halt or the kafeel (Fatima Muhammad Shamilan-al-nafi) should be assured to provide me of my husband share after the hotel disposal . It should not be given to my husband's brother there or any one else till I authorize legally. The concerned kafeel can be approach & he should be requested to do justice as per law.

I shall be highly obliged if you consider my application on urgent basis, As I am helpless widow, These remenatns of my husband are the last hope of survival for me and my infant son(Mohammad Saleh) which i hope you will protect. I am Expectant for your Response.

I have attached the soft copies of my complete application with all the requisite documents and also submitted the same in hard copy to OPF under application submission Number (3015/16/571)

Copy attached:
Attested Copy of Nikah Nama.
Passport and ID card copy of my Deceased Husband.
My CNIC and Photograph copy.
Birth Certificate and Photograph of the Deceased son Muhammad Saleh khan.
My signature and Thumb impression on white paper.
Copy of NOC for the transportation of dead body issued by Consulate General of Pakistan, JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia.
Request copy of Kafeel Consulate General of Pakistan Saudi Arabia.
Complete Application.


Powen Abbas widow of Qaisar Abbas
(CNIC: 36302-8142048-0)
Father name: Yasir Abbas Shah.
Contact# +923136166089. +923009391766
Email address:
Present Address: House# 76, Street 2, Butt Market, Fazal Town, Phase-I, Airport Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Expatguru said...

Extremely sad to hear this. Please get in touch with your embassy in Riyadh who will help you in this.