Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Transfer of driving license details

Expatriates working in Saudi Arabia have to undergo a practical as well as a theory test for obtaining a driving license. Please click here to know the procedure for the same. It is quite common for expats to go on exit and return on a fresh visa. There are also cases where there is an internal transfer of sponsorship. In either case, as long as the license has still not expired, the expat need not give the driving test again just because his sponsor has changed. Here is the procedure for transferring the Saudi driving license details from your old to the new sponsor.

First, you must obtain a new iqama. Until you get your iqama, I would advise you not to drive even though you have a license. This is because, in case of any unfortunate incident involving your vehicle, you would be in deep trouble. There would be too many complications because you would be having a license with your old iqama, but now have no connection with your previous employer.

Once you obtain an iqama, first take an introduction letter from your new sponsor. This should be in Arabic and must specifically contain your new iqama number. Next, pay SR100 in either Riyad Bank or Al Rajhi Bank. You may do it either online or by using the machine in Riyad Bank for the same.

Now take a copy of your latest iqama. Attach all of these with your original license, two passport-size photographs and go to the traffic police station (Muroor) in your city. I would advise you to use the services of your Government Relations Officer for this. A form for transferring the license details is available in the police station. This has to be filled in (Arabic, of course) and submitted to the police along with all the documents mentioned here. After verification, the police will give a date and time when you can collect the new driving license. The details would have now got transferred in the system. You are now free to drive the vehicle until the expiry of the license.

A point to note here. In case your existing driving license is just about to expire, it would be worthwhile to give a fresh test and take a new license. This would save you time and money. Note that this license is valid for driving all over GCC, It goes without saying that having a valid Saudi driving license is definitely a plus point in your resume, while applying for a job anywhere in the Middle East :D


Amit said...

Dear Guru,
Thanks for the valuable information, I remember that you had promised to my coments that very soon you will post such a matter, thanks a lot.

Still a small doubt, whether the amount paid thru bank (AL Rajhi/Ryd Bank) is SR.100 or SR. 450/= (Is there any seperate menu for this purpose in ATM Machine other than normal (Fees for new Licence, renew like this etc)

Once again Thanks

Shine said...

Dear Expatguru,
It is indeed a big help for all Expats in Saudi and for new arrivals as well. Nice to note that 50000 vistors had benifitted from this site. Now to my issue, I was working in Saudi Arabia as an Engineer since 1997 but my visa was of some telecom worker. in Dec 2006 i had left Saudi on Re-entry visa and i didnt return, but now my company has arranged an Engineer Visa for me and i am going back by March 2009, I had a driving licence(taken in 1997 and renewed in 2002) which was kept back by the company and it expired in 2007 july , Now when iam back in the same company, Do i have to go again for the test? or will it be renewed with eye test only? Company is interested and the one who sponsor the driving licences.
Expecting a Reply
Thanks & Regards

Expatguru said...


Glad to have been of help. When you go to Riyad Bank, there is usually a separate machine similar to the ATM machine for paying traffic fines. For using this, you need to have an account in Riyad Bank, because you will have to insert a card (given only to account holders) inside the machine. Usually, if you request someone, they will help you. In some cases, people even charge SR10 or SR20 for doing this service, but it is still worth it because you are outsourcing your work!

Okay, if you already have an account, choose the English menu and just go by what is on the screen which is self-explanatory. If you pay SR100, there is no change in the validity but this fee is only for changing the number from your old iqama to the new iqama.

Expatguru said...


Thanks for your comments. Unlike the earlier days when you just had to do a reverse parking, these days you also have to give a computer test. Your old license has already expired, so you will have to take the test again and take a fresh license.

Natraj, Dammam said...

Dear ExpatGuru,

Congrats and thanks for you. When i got an offer to work in Saudi, your writings helped me a lot.

Really it is jus because of you, iam here. Previously, i was thinking only about the negative things, your information gave me the strength to move into the Kingdom, thank you very much for your wonderful job.

Expatguru said...


Thanks. Glad to have been of help.

AS said...

dear expat

firstly to i'ld like to congratulate u for having such a huge success of ur blog in such a short time and also looking fwd when u write abt the change in sponsorship and how long the whole procedure takes place.........

with regards to the topic i have a query if the transfer of iqama is under process does the person can drive the car even the istemara is there for 3 years and if he can then does that means kay the process of transfer is through and in case of any accident...........

Expatguru said...


Thanks for your comments. The transfer process from one sponsor to another normaly should not take more than 45 days if everything goes well (provided it is not Ramadan or Haj period).

Regarding your second query, an expat is facing a huge risk by driving when the iqama transfer process is still going on. For instance, if there is an accident, his old sponsor may not come to his rescue because anyway he is going to be under another person. The new sponsor also would not help, because technically the transfer process has not taken place. Istemara validity is immaterial in this case. What matters is the validity of the license.

Anonymous said...

dear expat guru
thnq u very much for helping all of us.i have a big concern for my dad...my father has his own business named atlas trading est. in jeddah for the past 2 years.but all of a sudden few months back my fathers kafeel withdrew 60,000 SR from my dads account without my fathers knowledge...and went for his marriage...he reutrned few days back and now my father is asking him for a exit-re entry but the kafeel is demanding for 40,000 SR more...he is not ready to listen to anything excpet money...we all here in india are very worried as my dad has been in saudi arabia for the past 30 years but for the first time has come across such a problem.....we are in no state of paying him a single penny.... please help me so that i can convey my father the same...he is all alone and very tensed...pls help me sir...

AZEEM, Makkah said...

Dear, Changing Sponser Name & Iqama No. in your driving licence need 400 riyals, i did same last week and the validity of this driving licence is 10 years.

Expatguru said...


If it has reached such a state that your dad cannot continue any longer, maybe it is best he sells off his business to someone else and goes on exit. It is a painful decision, that too after thirty years, but maybe the correct one.

Expatguru said...


Thank you very much for your updated information.

Zakaria said...

This is not regarding transfer. I recently got a speeding ticket. Is there a phone number I can call and find out or a place I can go and take care of it?

Expatguru said...


You can send an sms to 88993 by just typing your iqama number. You will be charged SR1.50 for this message and will instantly get a reply.

Ikramuddin said...

Greetings Expat Guru...
Superb blog you have created, and also congratulations on 50,000 visitors in just 23 months.

I am a software engineer working ins audi arabia(dammam) from last 2 years, I am single, just enagagement in india. I want to know the details before marriage how to get the family visa.
I will get necessary documents from india. Please listout these also.

Please send me a reply with details. my designation on Iqama 'Mohamdis'.


Expatguru said...


You are on an engineer visa and are entitled to bring your family. Please refer to a separate post I have written elsewhere in this blog for the details of family visa.

Anna said...

Dear ExpatGuru,

Very useful posting about driving license procedure. Can you please come up with a posting that covers transfer of driving license for expatriates who are holdingn valid drivinng license from Thailand, Singapore or Malayisa.


Expatguru said...


Thanks for your comments. Eastern expats have to undergo both theory as well as practical tests. It is only for British and American passport holders that there is exemption from written test.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Expat Guru...
Wonderful blog you have created, Congrats for this wonderful site.
My previous employer held my valid license orignal copy.
Without original driving license, is it possible to transfer to the new iqama with a photocopy or a scanned image of original license.

Is there any way to avoid the tedious tests.I know the license no. etc.,
Pls. help me in this regard


Expatguru said...


There is no way you can transfer it without your original old license. Since you already know driving, better pay the money and get a fresh license. It is really not that difficult as you think.

Obaid said...

Dear Expat firstly i would request you that if we can address you by your original name it will be more "barkath" and more comfort level for all expat irrespective of country color or religion. The first blog which i had just now submitted was about visa and now i had this query of my license and you as a alibaba brought in front of me this simple procedure, why cant the passport department be as simple as this change of sponsor in driving license its a question to ponder by all of us , isn't.Thanks again

Mas salam

Expatguru said...


I would prefer to be called as Expatguru. This is not my real name, but I am quite comfortable with this pseudonymn because I like the name. The name has nothing to do with any religion.

Anonymous said...

Dear Expat Guru ;I have questions regarding driving of Four Vehicle.
1.If i have a valid KSA driving license is there any possibility to drive my freind's car in his absence .
2.What if any accident occurs under point 1.
3.Can i drive company owned Pick up or is ther any restriction.

Kindly reply to above queries point wise.
Thanks a lot


Expatguru said...


This is a very important question you have raised. I plan to write a separate post on this soon. Keep watching this blog.

Obaid said...

Dear Expatguru

I have this proffession on my iqama "kharabani Mubani" means Civil Electrician , So if i get an ITI certificate and submit the same for a family visa how much chances are there to get a visa without any problem and how much time does the agent takes in India, i heard from my local agent that there is a quota system of submission of any application for them at Saudi Consulate in Mumbai is it true , because he took almost 2 months for my job visa to be endorsed.
As usual your right guidance will be helpful to one and all

Expatguru said...


First of all, an electrician cannot sponsor his family. Do not waste your money, your agent is trying to fool you.

faiz said...

Respected Expat Guru,

I request you to kindly enlighten me that are there any advatages of coming to saudi arabia, after getting US citizenship.
Does it make any difference or its the same with or without the USA citizenship.

Best wishes and regards

Expatguru said...


It all depends on the salary you negotiate with your employer. Until last year, British and American citizens working in Saudi used to get quite a good salary as compared to other nationalities. The recent financial crisis has really squeezed almost all sectors and it is becoming next to impossible to find good jobs even for eastern expats who get far less salaries. Also, the number of Americans are getting lesser and lesser by the day. Probably, you would find the maximum number of Americans only in Aramco and that too in critical technical jobs.

faiz said...

Hi Expat Guru,
I am extremely grateful for your reply.
Sir can u kindly tell m what is a transferable aqama. A friend of mine is suggesting me to purchase one
(Azaad Viza) for 12000 SR and come to kingdom. He said its easy if u have aqama to get a job here.Is that true.

Kindly tell me pros and cons of coming to saudia on free or Azad visa
and do job hunting then.

sincerely yours,


Expatguru said...


Those days of free visas and easy transfers are long gone. Things are really tough now in these recession times and I would advise you not to be desparate and somehow try to come to Saudi Arabia by hook or crook. The labour ministry has clamped down heavily on free visa transfer, and unless you have a lot of money to throw around, do not even attempt to come on a free visa.

sameer said...


Please guru, help me. i got visa stamped on my passport for first employer. I was planning to join the employer but I got now , second job offer. I am more interested in second job . How will be my visa processing would be. I have not travel to saudi yet. I am from Canada.

Please help me. Also I want to know, How saudi local schools are. As my first employer was in Hail. I heard there are only arabic medium schools in hail. Due to this I am more interested in second job which is from Riyadth.


Sameer Abbas

Expatguru said...


First get your visa cancelled by the Saudi Embassy. Then ask your other employer to give you a fresh visa.

Anonymous said...

dear sir i was in a company before in saudi now i am on an exit form that company and if i happen to come back to saudi arabia to another company do i need an NOC from my previous company what if my previous company does not gives it to me? secondly my driving licience was on companies expense and its a procedure of the company to retain the driving licience when someone is leaving on exit, now if i want to make a new driving licience when i come there can i do it? will i face any problems? kindly advise

Expatguru said...


You can take a fresh license after returning. For NOC, read the various articles written in this blog for details.

poem said...

Dear ExpatGuru, Thanks a lot for your blog, Sir I'd like to ask you a question about my Driving licence. You know, to make a driving licence need (Kafeel paper, with chember of commerce) but i was unable to made chember of commerce coz my kafeel CC. no was not renewed. thats why i contacted with a guy (broker) who are making Driving licence and for that reason I gave him 2000 SR. But till now he is telling your licence is complete but unfortunately it was loosing from him. Now how i Check it out that my Driving licence is complete or not. pls pls.. pls help me... mehrajsaif_st@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Dear ExpatGuru,

After long struggle on the internet I have found somebody to guide me well. Kudos!

A brief background info before my query: I am a "Pakistani" national currently working in Dubai for last three years as project manager, e-Learning. I have recently got a good offer from a big company in Khobar and they are working on my employment visa (initially, I will enter the Kingdom on visit visa). My UAE residence VISA will expire on 24th of December, 2009.

Query " I want to bring my car "Honda Civic 2009" -either tow or drive- to Khobar.

I asked road transportation authority here and they asked for getting export papers prepared from Dubai and take the car out.
Could you please let me know the problem-free procedure of getting my car there and expected expenses i.e. customs and registration on my name etc. Also, would it be better for me to take my car or I should drop that idea? My cousin lives in Jubail and can it be helpful?

Can I drive my car (with export number plate from Dubai) in KSA until it gets registered.

I have UAE driving license (one year old) which will expire in year 2018 and have international license as well. Can I use that license in KSA or get it quickly transferred it KSA license without test?

1. I have residence of UAE until 24th of Dec, 2009.
2. I will have Saudi employment visa but procedure will start with visit visa
3. Can I take my car to Saudi Arabia without troubles and is it worth?

Thanks a lot in advance & Regards,

Expatguru said...


Please post your query in the form through the link given in the top right corner of this blog. I charge a nominal fee for this. This is to segregate spam from genuine requests and also to give a customized reply to your query.

Expatguru said...


Please post your query in the form through the link given in the top right corner of this blog. I charge a nominal fee for this. This is to segregate spam from genuine requests and also to give a customized reply to your query.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot brother

Anonymous said...

Hello & Assalam O Alaikum

I was working in KSA earlier and had a Driving License. I left Saudia in mid of last year. My sponsor took up my driving license. Now I am back here in KSA on new visa with new job. I need to know the processes of:
-how to get driving license if I don't have older driving license with me.
-I am not sure weather my old driving license would have expired till now or not. So in case if I don't have older driving license which may also have been expired; how to get new Driving License with this scenario?

Please reply both queries.

Thanks & JazakALLAH


Expatguru said...


Please fill in your query in the form using the link in the top right corner of this blog. I charge a nominal fee for my consultancy, which would get you a detailed, personalized and confidential reply by email.