Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fingerprinting mess

Working in Saudi Arabia is becoming a pain for expatriates particularly when contradictory information keeps flowing in day in and day out. First, there was this announcement in the local newspapers about fingerprinting of all expatriates, including their families, compulsory. What followed was utter panic. It was well-known that the finger printing process had begun almost a year back and was being implemented in phases. What added to the confusion was the deadline of 25th May.

Long queues could be found in passport offices all over the kingdom to beat the rush before the holiday season began. News started flowing in almost on a daily basis. Expatriates, particularly those with families, were the most nervous. I personally know friends who were on the lookout for those 'mobile' units, desparate to have their families fingerprinted. Industrial Security Departments in companies were flooded with enquries. The tension in the air was quite palpable. Then came the announcement that fingerprinting was required only for males above 18 years old and that children under dependent iqamas need not be fingerprinted.

It appears that finally good sense prevailed. There was this announcement saying that no fines would be imposed and that the 25th May deadline was only a "rumour" (amazing how people contradict themselves!) The latest is that companies have been allocated certain specified days in which their employees must go to the designated passport offices and have themselves fingerprinted. One never knows whether the last word in the matter has been spoken. After all, the only thing certain in Saudi Arabia is uncertainty!

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Domino said...

Good day sir as per your advise i have paid $5 for personalize service for answering query's which you have promised , its more than 24hours now i do not have any reply , i am expecting your reply for my query.

Expatguru said...


Please check your Inbox. I have already replied to it yesterday. Check in the spam folder, maybe it has got into the junk mailing list. Please confirm whether you have received my reply or not by return mail.

Ehtesham said...

Dear ExpatGuru,
Ihave been reading your blog for the entire day and every comment has something informative for the expat community.I'm staying in Saudi for six years now after reading your blogs ,i can only say that i'm a fresher to this place,as lots of information is yet to be earned and with out any doubt expat guru you are our real guru.