Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Personalized consultancy

Here is the procedure for those requiring my paid consultancy services:

1. All payments must be made only through Paypal, a highly secure and trusted website, used by millions of people around the world. Please login to and sign up. Registering with Paypal is free of cost and easy. You need a credit card to make payment. In case you do not have a credit card, you can also use your friend's credit card. You do not need to reveal the card number to me.

2. After registering with Paypal, please login and click on 'Send Payment' link. In the 'To' field, please type  Choose 10 US dollars as payment and select 'Services' button. Click on 'Continue' to complete your payment. Wait, there is one more final step - your query.


3. My friend and well-known software expert / VA professional Mrs. Deepa Govind has designed the form below. Please fill in your query in the form. The information you give here will never be passed on to anyone and is completely confidential. In case you wish to receive an automated reminder, please click on the appropriate field. However, if you do not wish to receive any reminder, I respect your privacy and you will not get any reminder. However, please note that in this case, your query will get automatically deleted by the system without notice within a few days in case you forgot to make the payment.

Once Paypal notifies me by email that the payment has been made, you will get a detailed, personalized and confidential reply by email within 24 hours. Regretably, due to the huge volume of queries I receive each day, I no longer entertain any free requests. The idea is not to make money, but only to screen genuine requests and avoid spam while at the same time putting a value for my time. Hope you understand.

My blog will continue to remain as a free service for non-paying readers, who can still view all the posts, but without a personalized reply to each of your queries.

Terms and conditions:
Please note that I am not a lawyer by profession nor do I hold any position in any department of the Government of Saudi Arabia. The opinions and consultancy services rendered here are purely based on my own experiences as an expatriate of long standing and are expressed in good faith to the best of my knowledge. I take absolutely no responsibility for the consequences arising out of such consultancy. Paying an upfront fee of USD10 is an indication of having read and understood these terms and conditions and having agreed to the same.