Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Great day

Today is a great day for your favourite blog. The visitor count has crossed the 100000 mark! All this has happened in just about 2 years time. From the bottom of my heart, a big Thank You to all of you.
As I look back in all these 12 years of my working in Saudi Arabia, the one thing which hasn't changed is the lack of information for expatriates. This, coupled with the lack of understanding of how the system works, makes life even more difficult. As the saying goes, the only thing certain in Saudi Arabia is uncertainty.
My Inbox has never been empty ever since I started this blog. At one point of time, I even discontinued giving personal replies to the queries as it became overwhelming and difficult to handle. That was when my friend and reputed software / VA expert, Mrs. Deepa Govind, suggested to start a paid service for those requiring a personalized consultancy. Thanks to her valuable inputs, I have now added a form in this blog which can be accessed using the link given on the right hand side of this blog.
More important and very dear to my heart, much more than what money can give, is the good feeling that I get when people write to me about families getting united, people returning back to the kingdom for work and expats finding solutions to problems they thought were insurmountable. If my writing has been of help to any of my dear fellow expats, then the purpose of writing this blog has been served. A very big thank you to all of you once again, dear friends!


Tony said...

Congratulations, Expatguru. Wishing you many more such achievements!

S.A. நவாஸுதீன் said...

Congrats to you Expatguru. You deserve it since you are doing a great job

Expatguru said...

Thanks, Tony and நவாஸுதீன்.

Aijaz said...

I must say that it was about 6 months back I first heard of this blog,and it is this unique sea of information that helped me in my move to the kingdom, and now I've finished 3 months here and still log on to witness this great exchange of information. keep it up Expatguru!

Expatguru said...


Thanks for your support. Glad to have been of some help.

Siva said...

Dear E Guru,

I wished you earlier when your site reached 50000 milestone (in Feb 09) that, It won't take much time to reach 100000..

CONGRATS for the Achievementssss...


Micper said...

Dear Sir,
My deepest wishes on this wonderful achievement. Please keep writing.

Expatguru said...


Thanks for your good wishes.

Expatguru said...


Encouraging words from long-time readers like you make my day. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You have provided excellent social service through these information to all querys which have been , are and will be coming on and off the minds of all the expates here in KSA
No matter how much we thank its less for you bcos of the immense help, solution its provides and ultimately the solace a feeling of ease happiness it creates in all expats here
We Pray to Allmighty for PEACE PROSPERITY HAPPINESS for you and your family for this great service
Long live the blog "Working in Saudi Arabia"