Friday, April 20, 2012

New developments in Nitaqat program

I had covered in my earlier post (click here) in detail about the Nitaqat program. I would now like to update readers of some very important developments which have been announced by the Saudi Ministry of Labor.

Four conditions have now been imposed for those who want to transfer their jobs from red and yellow categories to green and excellent categories. The workers requiring transfer must have completed at least six years in Saudi Arabia and at least two years in their current companies. The transfer would be done only when their work permits expire and finally, such workers must obtain a request letter from the green / excellent category companies asking their transfer from red/yellow category companies. This letter must be submitted to the Ministry of Labor for initiating the transfer process.

Let us analyze what this really means for expats. To begin with, those expat workers who really thought that they could automatically get rid of their current red/yellow category employers for a better future with green/excellent category companies cannot do so. The worst affected are those who have recently come to the kingdom and who have not yet completed six years.

Secondly, even if they have completed six years, they would have to wait until their work permits have expired. What this means is that since red and yellow category companies have to fold up anyway, these people would lose their jobs and have to leave the kingdom. In other words, if their current company has not employed enough Saudis to become green or excellent, they have to send back their employees (those who have recently arrived) to their home countries. What a torture it is going to be for these people!

This is indeed a very big turning point for a huge section of expats as it is going to decide whether they can continue or not in the kingdom. I will continue to keep updating you on further developments in this blog.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your continous up-to-date information.

There is a saying in Urdu for current situation
Ningalne bhi nahi dete aur ugalne bhi (They dont allow to swallow nor omit)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your info. Its clear from the recent experiences, that this law is going to be strict further more. what should we do, if our iqama expires and the current company is still in red?? how can we go exit then?

Expatguru said...


By now you should be knowing whether your companyis in red category or not, so do not waste any further time and try to look for a job in green category company. If you are not successful, unfortunately you have to go on exit.

SK kerala said...

Dear Expatguru.

Thanks for your kind information.

I would like have your opinion and help.

I have been completed 10 years with my presnet employer noting that i transfered my visa to current employer on 2002 from previous employer.

My contract ended August 2009 and not renewed I find a new job and I decided to resign and given one month notice to my present employer but the employer not willing to accept my resignation and no response from their side.

I noticed my company in red category.

Is advisable to approach labour court.

Do my current employer have the right to send me on final exit..noting that my child is in my iqama but my wife is working with another employer

Your kind advice will be highly appreciated.

Best regards,

SK kerala

SK kerala said...

Dear Expatguru

a small correction to my previous comments the company in yellow category.

SK kerala

Expatguru said...


Please fill in your query in the form using the link in the top right corner of this blog. I charge a nominal fee for my consultancy, which would get you a detailed, personalized reply by email.