Monday, May 21, 2012

Telephonic contact for Saudi Interior Ministry

One of the biggest problems facing expatriates working in Saudi Arabia is lack of information on various procedures. Be it iqama - related, traffic fines, extension of visit visa - you name it and there is a complication. Which was one of the reasons why I started this blog five years back and look how popular it has become, thanks to your support.

I keep trying to put as much information as possible in this blog and also keep updating it. The authenticity of the information is personally verified by me before posting it in this blog, which is why this has a very high credibility. If there is anything which would make life easier for expatriates and if this blog has been of some use to someone, then my day has been made.

I would like to inform readers that a telephonic "help line" has been opened by the Saudi Ministry of Interior to help out people with various queries pertaining to their Department. It is a toll-free number. The number is 800 123 5555. I am not sure whether you would be able to get your questions answered satisfactorily, but at least after so many years I find that the existence of such a number is in public domain. In case any of you have used this number, please give your feedback on your experience and I will publish it here so as to help other fellow expatriates.

On another note, I am happy to inform you that this blog can now also be read from your mobile phone.
Hope this post was useful to you. Do let me know your comments.


Khadija Ali said...

Thank you. Let's hope the number, now available to the public, will be of great use as well.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for the last couple of years, and I can't thank you enough for the WONDERFUL work you have done.
Thank you very much

ilario said...

Blog très intéressant :)

Expatguru said...

Merci, Ilario !

Anonymous said...

My iqaamah got expired due tto the face that my sponsor's licence has a problem with the government because of some new laws. My sponsor told me since last year that he will get his licence renew and i must wait to get my Iqaamah renew. Until now he still didn't get his licence renew and so i can't wait anymore and I made a decission to leave the country only to hear now that I ca'nt leave unless my Iqaamah is renew. I am away from my family for 3 years and I need to go home. I ask for the exit visa and my sponsor told me now that I can't get it unless my iqaamah is renew. His licence has a problem. There must be a way for me to get out the country, Please advice me. Thank you.

Expatguru said...


Immediately contact your embassy with all documentary facts and request for an emergency exit permit. Tell them that you are ready to pay for your one way ticket back home. Your embassy will ascertain the facts and arrange for your exit. All the best!

Anonymous said...

dear Expatguru

Lots of jazak Allah for the great work u r doing. its certainly helping a lot, among which one is myself. I have been reading the earlier posts on ur blog but got a bit confused. in ur 2009 posts, u said that the technician visa does not make one eligible to bring family. then in around January 12, 2010, u wrote that the visa profession is being delink with the family status and its now linked with the income.

My concern is that, my KSA employer provided me a technician visa whereas I am being hired as an engineer for a managerial post and the offer contains the family status. What the employer is saying that there is not much difference b/w the engineer visa and the technician visa and i can easily call my family on a technician visa. can u plz clarify whats the latest infromaiton. Is this true that there is not much difference b/w the technician visa and engineer visa??. would be grateful for ur response


Expatguru said...


Please fill in your query in the form using the link in the top right corner of this blog. I charge a nominal fee for my consultancy, which would get you a detailed, personalized reply by email.