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Revised attestation procedure for Indians

In one of the earliest articles of this blog, I had written about the detailed attestation procedure for Indian nationals seeking job opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

A lot of changes have taken place in the past six years since I wrote that article. Though the comments section in that particular article (click here) was updated and enriched periodically by other expats, I have been getting frequent requests in recent times for an updated piece on the same. As a policy, I never publish anything in this blog unless I personally verify the same. This time, I decided to make an exception.

One of the readers had asked certain queries about the attestation process. I normally recommend doing this through agents wherever required, because it saves a lot of time, energy and money, even though you could do it yourself. This reader went on to get his certificates attested through friends in India and sent me his experiences. He specifically requested that he wanted to be anonymous and with due respect to his sentiments, I take pleasure in sharing it here for the benefit of other Indians planning to work in Saudi Arabia.

When I had written the original article in 2007 (click here) , once the HRD attestation process was over, one had to personally go to New Delhi to get the remaining attestation done by the Ministry of External Affairs. The rule changed subsequently as can be seen from the large number of comments (click here) to that article. But more importantly, the most time-consuming procedure, which is by HRD, has now been delegated to the  state administrative departments of the respective Governments from the state where you completed your degree / diploma. The reader in question completed the same from Karnataka.

One of the most significant changes from the earlier procedure (click here) is that the Ministry of External Affairs has identified a list of Regional Authentication Centres (click here) who will be doing the HRD attestation - just scroll down in this link till you find "Regional Authentication Centres", which will give you the names of officers responsible in various states for attesting your certificate. As a first step, give your original certificate and mark sheets to the officer mentioned in the above link or his delegated case worker. Pay the required fees in the treasury and give these documents to him. He will then prepare a verification letter in a standard format addressed to the Registrar of the University where you completed your degree/ diploma. Take photocopies of your certificate / mark sheets along with this verification letter to your University.

Pay the required fees in the University and submit these documents to the Registrar. Now comes the most time-consuming part. The Registrar will verify your documents and directly send his reply by Speed Post to the case worker. This usually takes about 2 weeks if you continuously follow up, but again this depends totally on your luck. When the case worker gets the reply from the Registrar, he will prepare the file for attestation of your original certificate by the Regional Commissioner or the authorized official mentioned in the link above. Once he does the attestation, the first part of the process is now complete.

The next step is attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs. MEA has now outsourced this process to various agencies and also in some major cities. You need not go to Delhi and can get it done locally if you are in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata or Guwahati. If you are not in any of these cities, you can get it done in Delhi through any of the agents. All details are mentioned in the link mentioned above. This process takes only a day or two.

Attestation by the Saudi Cultural Attache is the next step. In a deviation from the procedure mentioned in my earlier article (click here), this is a new requirement and the entire procedure is listed in this link. Please also note that you cannot directly approach Saudi Cultural Attache and there are authorized agents to do this. A mandatory requirement is that your original work contract has to be attested by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These two attestations will be taken care of by the sponsor and he will send you the original contract attested by these two agencies. You will have to hand over this certificate to the authorized agent of of the Saudi Cultural Attache mentioned above along with your original certificate which was already attested by the Ministry of External Affairs.

As a final step, the authorized agent will now require a letter from your University stating that your certificate is genuine. Even though this is a duplication of the attestation process, this is what the procedure requires, so you have to follow the same. The agent will send the prescribed fees by Demand Draft and write to the Registrar of the University. The Registrar will then directly reply to the agent.

Once all these steps are completed, the Saudi cultural Attache will then attest the certificate and give it to the authorized agent. This completes the process.

The entire procedure is rather cumbersome and the system has been tailor-made to make it as customer-unfriendly as possible. The reader who sent me his experiences had to grease several palms and continuously follow up before getting his work done. I would never recommend anyone to try this without an agent. At the end of the day, you end up with a hole in your pocket and a lot of heartburn. As I had already mentioned in my earlier article, it is best to give the whole job to one agent as a turnkey job and be done with it. This way, you just spend money (which you have to anyway), but at least it saves you the botheration of running around.

Trust you found this information useful.


Sandrine Bardot said...

Waow ! And here I was, thinking that the attestation process of a French degree for obtaining a UAE visa was cumbersome !
Thanks for a very enlightening reading, and good luck to all Indians who have to work in KSA...

dodo ukmitra said...

If I am not wrong, in Mumbai, the Ministry of External affaires is done at Mantralay Office. The process is simple and free of cost.

In Mumbai, we verify the documents at University for cost as per slab, have documents that Notarized, and submit at Mantralay office, who do the HRD and MEA in same building and its takes 1 week for the process. Dedicated windows are made and there is absolutely now confusion.

After which, we give said papers to Authorized Travel Agents for Saudi Attestation, which is chargeable and may take 30-45days. Grease additional and it takes max 30days. You need to ensure University Staff helps you send the response on time.


Anonymous said...

Attestation up to HRD is very simple in Gujarat... I have done if my myself. .. 1st u will have to go to university and pay the required fees and they will take about one week to verify and than put their stamp... after this u will have to go to gandhinagar for HRD and GAD stamp.. that can be completed in a single day, infact it takes only 1-2 hours max.

For MEA and saudi attestation I have handed over to agent M/S Al hind... they charged only 2700 Rs.
So process is simple for me but it is time consuming.

Rehan Motiwala

Anonymous said...

Hi Gure,
Just wanted to know, after stamping work VISA to saudi arabia, if i do not go to saudi arabia. WIll i be banned for future to KSA.

Expatguru said...


Please fill in your query in the form using the link in the top right corner of this blog. I charge a nominal fee for my consultancy which would get you a detailed, personalized reply by email.

Zakir said...

HRD Attestation by VTU(Belgaum) is extremely time consuming.You need to spare minimum of 30-45 days for the process.We need speeding up of procedure by VTU.Else there are chances that you might not have enough time for attestation at MEA,saudi culture and saudi embassy which takes minimum of 70 days.If the total amount of duration is calculated it comes around 100 days.There are chances that visa might expire AS THE DURATION FOR A VISA IS 90 DAYS.Dear Friends please follow up the procedures with the university and agent regularly they hardly care about your future.Little bit of effort can save your career. I am scared about my job as it has consumed lot of time for me processing.May Allah bless us all with success in a righteous way.Ameen.

Shakir said...

How can I trade goods from India to Saudi Arabia? Please guide....

Expatguru said...


Please fill in your query in the form using the link in the top right corner of this blog. I charge a nominal fee for my consultancy, which would get you a detailed, personalized and confidential reply by email.

Ibrahim Mohammed said...

Dear Expatguru,

I need your support , Right now I am in Saudi arabia and my profession in Iqama also changed to Engineer, For this purpose I did registration in Saudi Council of Engineers and now I am a member in SCE. But I need to finish my B Tech Certificate attestation from Saudi Consulate Delhi and Saudi Cultural association. My HRD attestation done already before 3 years. Now I have all the required documents for the attestation purpose also. I am having one of my friend in Gurgaon , Delhi. If I arrange my friend to attest my Degree Certificate, where I have to send him first ie, to MEA or to the authorized agent. Also is it possible my friend to attest without my presence .

Expatguru said...


Please fill in your query in the form using the link in the top right corner of this blog. I charge a nominal fee for my consultancy, which would get you a detailed, personalized and confidential reply by email.

RABODI said...

10 steps for Degree Attestation process for Mumbai resident working in KSA(Saudi Arabia)

1- DE-laminate your degree right opposite to Mumbai university gate.
2- Submit your original Degree to Jyotiba Phule bhavan 2nd floor room no. 24 along with 2 sets of photocopies of Marks sheet & Degree- Fees for attestation is Rupees 1050 in cash or DD.
3- after 15 to 20 days go & get your attested degree from same room.
4- do the notary on the original attested degree from a lawyer will charge anything from 100 to 1000.
5- Go to Administrator building right opposite to mantralaya on 9th Floor to do home department attestation.and take a xerox copy after the home department attestation.(on Monday or Tuesday)you will get Home department attestation at same time.
6- Now goto 14th floor in same building for HRD attestation on the degree, dont forget to take photocopies after attestation from Home department.(IMP NOTE : always go on monday or tuesday to mantralaya for attestation from home department & HRD submission on same date) fill the form and answer few questions from HRD personnel and submit your degree for attestation. don't forget to note down number given by HRD personnel. take photocopy of your passport along with original to submit your degree for verification from HRD. they will take photocopy of your passport or else they will not allow.(free)
7- collect your degree after a week or 15 days but only on Thursday or Friday.(free)
8)- send your degree to an Agent for Delhi MEA, Saudi Cultural & saudi Embassy attestation. List of Agents are available on website, I have done through MASCOT International.(My charges were 5000)
9)They will send request letter to Mumbai university for re-verification as this is requirement for Saudi embassy attestation. the DD fees is 750 & agent will charge you as per their service charges & embassy fees.
10) Follow up Mumbai University again for degree re-verification letter sent by your agent.once University send the re-verification letter, your Documents will be ready to be presented infront of Saudi embassy.
11) pay the fees of your Agent and get your all documents.

1)Photocopies of your degree & marksheets.
2)Photocopies of your passport
3)original Offer letter attested from Mofa & COC.
4)2 photograph

rest of the details Agent will provide you.

williamhenery said...

Thank you all for posting timely updates, your reviews would indeed helpful simplifying the complex procedures.

Certificate Attestation in Delhi

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
Please brief me the procedures for a biomedical engineer job in Saudi Arabia. Now my attestation procedures has been completed through one job consultant. How much should I have to pay them after completing all the procedures.

johnywalker said...

Hi there, I enjoy reading all of your post.

Certificates Attestation Hyderabad

ritz said...

Dear sir im holding instrumentation engineer and i received a electrical engineer visa for saudi arabia, is it applicable for my present profession of degree

Anonymous said...

FYI - Cultural Attache attestation has to be compulsorily done online now. There is absolutely no way of tracking this and apparently there is a major backlog. Our agent specifically informed that there is no way he can provide an update on this due to the new process. They are just taking scans of attested degrees post MEA attestation. This is the experience in Mumbai.

asrar said...

Hello expat guru i am constantly following ur blogs from 2 years humdulilah ur blog helped me a lot during my stay in kingdom , The site is fantastic and u r doing a gr8 job by helping people ,But i would like to point you out that regarding the procedure of attestation of degree certificates in india the process has changed completely it is not the same as it is always being displayed in ur site for ur info i would like to bring to ur notice that now a days a new process has started called Culture for attesting ur educational document 1st u have to submit ur certificate online i.e scanned copy with scanned copy of your offer letter with MOFA and CHAMBER OF COMMERCE done this culture people after how much time i dont know in some cases thery are taking as long as 2-3 months they are taking this time for just sending one verification letter and ur degrees copy to your university where u should follow up if u want this process to expediate asap after the university replies they will do culture on it and then send it to consulate for who finally attests it.i am presently in india for endorsing my engineers visa and believe me from the time i landed here in jan 21st 2014 the process is taking much time first of all i didnt knew about attesting a degree certificate is requiring a contract letter with half eng and half arabic with CHAMBER and MOFA done and also after submitting also it is taking much long procedure i am 2009 passout during our time it used to take only 10-15 days and an amount of 3500 inr complete , so guys out there who ever are planning for a job change and wants to endorse an engg visa on there passport remember that it requires an embassy attested engg degree certificate and attestation process reqwuires offer letter.

Thanks and Regards.

Expatguru said...


Thanks for your update.

Muneer said...

As of now the Chamber of Commerce attestation fee is 25 Riyal and MOFA attestation fee is 30 riyal.