Thursday, October 10, 2013

Low cost Hajj services

Performing the Hajj pilgrimage is one of the important duties of Muslim pilgrims around the world. This number of pilgrims who visit Mecca and Madina has been steadily increasing year after year. This is supposed to be done at least once in a life time by Muslims, but the ease of travel access has led to a number of pilgrims performing it several times. Though the authorities are making the best efforts to provide the necessary infrastructure, it is becoming a huge challenge to manage the event. A few years back, authorities even put a ban of 5 years for domestic pilgrims before they could perform the pilgrimage a second time. I had mentioned about it in my earlier article (click here for details).

Over the years, the cost of performing the Hajj pilgrimage has been going up steadily, so much so, that it has become an expensive affair even for Muslim expatriates who are working in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Government's Hajj Ministry has now announced that 22 companies have been licenses to provide low cost Hajj services. Click here for more details. 

Just as I was wondering how to get the list of these companies, I received a mail from one of this blog's long-time readers listing out the same and requesting me to publish it. He has been so modest and wants to remain anonymous, so out of respect for his privacy I am not mentioning his name, though I am grateful to him for the same.  Since I started this blog in 2007, the information in this blog has reached all parts of the globe and at this point of time it is getting about 60 hits every hour. And I give all credit to the dear readers who have equally contributed in enriching this blog, like this reader.

Do take a look at the table below sent by that anonymous reader and if it has been of some use to someone, then my day has been made.


Anonymous said...

The pictures are so small.. actually un-readable

Expatguru said...


I received it this way. Anyway, I will try to do some editing and post a more readable one ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Please try to provide the list to get benefit.

Expatguru said...

I have now given a more readable version of the table. Though it is in Arabic, you can easily get it translated from someone or just call the particular company for more details.

Raihana said...

Great post but picture is to small and UN readable.

Expatguru said...


Thanks for your comments, but as I mentioned earlier, I got this from someone else and this is the best one available. I suggest you zoom it and take a print in bigger font.