Sunday, March 2, 2014

Saudi Labor Ministry's Call Center

This blog has mentioned in the past details of phone numbers of various labor offices across Saudi Arabia for the benefit of expatriates (click here). A common complaint, which was never heeded by the officials in this Ministry was that all transactions were only in Arabic, despite a vast majority of the expat population working in Saudi Arabia being non-Arabs. So, the help desk became virtually a helpless desk.

This week, the Ministry of Labor has released a new call center number. The toll-free number is 920001173. Surprisingly, there is an option for English. Diallers have to opt for the number 2 after calling this number, to speak in English. A list of 7 services offered through this number has been revealed by the Labor Ministry, but the one which I would watch with interest is "complaints related to Labor office".
It is difficult to predict the way how the Ministry would react for complaints on its own system, and going by past record, I am not very optimistic. But the fact that such a number has been released is something of a 'reform'. Finally, there is admission that there are indeed complaints related to their own office! Thanks for small mercies.
I am also giving here the link of the Ministry of Labor for information on those expats declared as absconders ("Huroob") - click here. Note that this link has no information (what did you expect??) about domestic workers. For that, you will have to directly get in touch with the nearest passport office.


Fahad Khan said...

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sadiq215 said...

Really you are doing a fantastic job to help expatriates by giving valuable information beneficial for them. I wish you all the best and please carry on in future also. With sincere regards.

Anonymous said...

The number isn't working. either they changed it or they got fed up.

Expatguru said...

Ha ha, I like it ("they got fed up")!

Selena said...

Absolutely you are done a outstanding work. I like it

Anonymous said...

Expatguru, thanks. Unfortunately, they (Toll Free Masters) did not last.