Friday, August 8, 2014

Expat engineers, the new milch cows in Saudi !

Time and again, this blog has highlighted the dangerous trend of organizations with incompetent and unskilled personnel trying to make a killing out of expatriates working in Saudi Arabia. One such is the infamous Saudi Council of Engineers which has caused nothing but heartburn not only among expats, but also among Saudi sponsors themselves.

When the Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) was formed a few years back, its aim was purely technical. It was just one among the several organizations formed to support Saudi engineers. Fair enough, as long as it was sticking to its goals. But then the core problem  is still not resolved - the organization badly lacks credibility. Moving away from its technical goals, the SCE has sadly boiled down to become just another organization meant to make money out of expats.

A few years down the line after SCE was formed, this organization realized that it simply cannot make money when even Saudi engineers are not willing to register themselves with it. Obviously, there are more respected ones like the Institution of Engineers which have an international reputation. So, the focus turned on expatriate engineers. After failing to persuade both Saudi and expat engineers to register themselves, the SCE finally managed to convince the Ministry of Labor to make it mandatory on expat engineers to do so. A new rule came into force that iqamas of expat engineers would not be renewed unless they register themselves with the SCE. More importantly, unless the SCE certifies that the certificates of these engineers are original, they would not be eligible for renewing their iqamas. More of this has been written in my earlier post (click here). 

The SCE has now entered into an agreement with the Ministry of Interior and the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution. The gist of the deal is that SCE will "pursue foreign engineers who violated local laws and left the kingdom". The irony is not too far to seek. How can you "pursue" a foreign engineer after he has left the kingdom? And how can you know whether he violated local laws?  Isn't there already an organization called the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution to do that? Is the SCE technically competent to judge expat engineers on their technical skills? And I thought law agencies in civilized countries only "pursue" criminals, not expats who have already left the country! I see a strong analogy here with the Ministry of Education trying to judge the competence of expat teachers in the kingdom. 

The SCE's Secretary General has himself admitted that his organization does not have the authority to question or investigate but only a "mediatory" role (click here). Sir, did anyone ask for your mediation in the first place? Nothing is free in this world, so it is quite apparent that SCE will soon start charging for its services which no one solicited. It is plans to sign an Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Justice next week to that effect.

By its own admission, there are over 4000 law suits related to stalled projects in the kingdom. Do we really need one more police force? If you can't help, at least do not hinder.  Why don't you concentrate on developing your technical skills which you so badly lack in the first place before starting to judge and hound expat engineers? Why don't you stick to your original goal of training Saudi engineers rather than taking on expats? And excuse me, this is not my personal opinion - this is voiced by the apex organization of contractors in the kingdom (click here). Respect comes with credibility. And as the saying goes, one must command respect, not demand it. 


Allen Scheelar said...

You got it spot on, Expatguru. The days are truly gone when skilled people like doctors and engineers were looking forward to a career in the kingdom. Just ask any contractor and he will tell you how difficult it is to get experienced and qualified engineers. SCE is just another pain in the wrong place.

Anonymous said...

For this very same reason I for one will never step foot back in the kingdom it took me 6 weeks of pain and suffering to get out due to issues with SCE god bless the British Embassy in Jeddah for assistance and your good self expatguru.

Anonymous said...

SCE is shit that is only made to grab money nothing else. Their online system is that well managed that it expires accounts in 3 months but still with that account they receive payments. Its been a week and they never took any action against my application and took 500 SAR for nothing. When i visited them they said "Your account is expired" i was about to ask A** Li***** then why you guys receive payment. Its a SHIT